Friday, April 20, 2012

Media Pornography: Nugent, Columbian Hookers and Shamus the Dog

“I think I’m right in saying that he’s (Sean Hannity) the dumbest person who’s ever been paid to speak on television.”

Wow! Those are some harsh words that were not spoken by me (believe it or not).

I admit that I am not a fan of Sean Hannity, but I do listen to his show and I would say there are other political pundits on television that are dumber. As I’ve said in the past, I still believe there’s a larger controversy as to why Al Sharpton has a TV show on MSNBC.

Yet, the quote actually comes from Saturday Night Live writer Jim Downey, uncle of actor Robert Downey Jr. and brother of Morton Downey. The quote comes at a time when SNL is attempting to recruit presumptive GOP Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney to guest host within the coming weeks.

Is this really how candidates should be appealing to voters, doing skit comedy to make them seem human or “of the people?” I remember reading how McCain’s campaign became worrisome over Sarah Palin’s guest hosting duties on SNL during the 2008 campaign.

If anything, it put Palin’s popularity above McCain’s, something that didn’t help the downward spiral going into the final weeks of a dismally run campaign.

But the quote and revelation of the SNL bit were overshadowed by controversy that truly has nothing to do with the election; the verbal stupidity of Dogs and Celebrity.

While the MEDIA should be talking about the Economy or Government scandals, we’re hearing about Shamus the Dog, “O” eating dog meat while living in Indonesia and verbal stupidity from Ted Nugent, Hillary Rosen and Bill Maher. All of which means nothing to actually help the voting public decide which of the two candidates is the better of the others evils.

But hey, at least we’ve learned that the Secret Service is cheap and didn’t want to pay the Columbian hooker $34 American dollars for services, yet maybe we should be pondering on the actual value of the American dollar nowadays.

Instead we get to hear how “resourceful” Willard Romney was on a family vacation back in the early 80’s when Shamus the Dog defecated and vomited all over the family station wagon while riding in a roof crate.

Um, being aware enough to pull over to hose off the dog and car is not being resourceful, it’s called common sense. If my son got car sick and vomited in the backseat, I would pull over as quickly as possible to make sure he was alright and then clean out the car.

Sorry Willard, you don’t get a “Good Job” merit badge for your actions.

And of course, not to be outdone and out of nowhere, some genius actually read one of “O’s” books and finds a paragraph about him eating “dog meat, snake meat and fired crickets” when he lived in Indonesia at the age of 6.

Wow, sounds like an episode of Survivor or Fear Factor.

Who cares about what “O” ate and no one cares about the Shamus the Dog story anymore, except the Pundits to have something to talk about. If anything, PETA might be boycotting at all campaign stops for now on.

And then there's Nugent, Rosen and Maher. All are stories that need to be tossed as well. Maher’s a fool, Rosen a larger fool and Nugent; well Nugent has been speaking like this for years now.

Look, Nugent made no threat towards “O” at the 4-14 NRA Convention when he said “I’ll be dead or in jail if he’s re-elected,” but the MEDIA couldn’t resist making a spectacle of it, mainly because Nugent endorsed Willard Romney 2 months ago.

Maybe it would’ve been a better story had Nugent said violent words at a concert with gun in hand and shooting flaming arrows. Oops, sorry he did that back in 2007 when “O” was a Presidential candidate.

Guess what? It took the Pundits and MEDIA to voice their opinion of that video some 5 years later.

Where’s the MEDIA reporting on Nugent’s words from an interview on 4-17 when he called himself “a black Jew at a Nazi Rally” when talking about the Secret Service wanting to question him about his remarks days earlier?

That’s a little insulting, but the MEDIA and Punditry were probably busy Googling for Dog Meat recipes by Paula Dean.

The power of the Celebrity activist can be extremely detrimental to any candidate. The difference between the Republican Celebrity activist and the Liberal Celebrity activist is that the Conservative Media will protect the RCA and attack the LCA, while the Liberal Media can’t productively protect their own nor attack the opposition.

The Liberal Media will always fall flat.

So really the Republican Celebrity activist wins, case in point; Nugent and Donald Trump. Sure they become late night fodder for Letterman, Leno and Stewart only because no one cares about Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn. The win they recieve becomes some sort of “expert guest” and is called upon to be appear in regular rotation.

Yet all 4 (Baldwin, Trump, Nugent, Penn) have egos larger than the population of the United States and once they get their words in the MEDIA, you can’t get them to shut their mouths.

Oh my, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one for sh*t to come out of. Then there's the opinionated MEDIA, Pundits & Celebrity where their sh*t stuffs up the toilet and it continuously overflows.

Slap the tap and put a good head on the Guinness while enjoying the Government supplemented stale peanuts… Pay your political tab because our Secret Service can’t afford to pay for those high priced $34/hour Hookers in today’s economy.

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