Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 4:28:12- Mitt Romney and the Great Cookie Ballot Stuffer Caper

Well now that the Pennsylvania Primary is over, the State can get back to business. Well that’s if the State actually cared about the Primary to begin with.

Poor Willard Romney, if you win this November will you portray your best Sally Field impersonation and cry “you like me! You really really like me,” because right now, in Pennsylvania, you got no love as the Primary numbers show.

How do you get excited about a candidate that’s as bland as Vanilla and as plastic as Mr. Potato Head?

As of Wednesday (4/25) morning, roughly 799,000 registered Pennsylvania Republicans made their way to cast their Primary vote, of which 58% voted Willard Romney. That percentage sounds really good until you place other numbers around it.

As stated 799,000 registered Pa Republicans made their way to the voting booth, yet there are 3.3 million registered Republicans living in Pa. My guess, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Willard as the Media shows as his poll numbers trickle up every week.

So how does Willard get a group hug from the rest of Pa.?

First he has to start winning the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh corners of the state and secondly think before he speaks about local business.

If you look at the voting map of Pa. there’s a “Red T” in the middle of the State, because the middle of the state forms a “T” of heavily registered Republicans. They would be the ones Obama mocked in 2008 as “gun loving bible holders.” But the “T” is not heavily populated and the areas of Philly and Pittsburgh hold the larger population and carry the most Democrats of which are of the elder Medicare recipient generation.

The second statement about stop knocking local business is a Pittsburgh story from the previous week.

Willard and his campaign held a “staged picnic” with a couple of voting families (from outside the Pittsburgh area) in the suburb of Bethel Park where Lemonade and Cookies were served. The cookies came from a local bakery that is a Bethel Park institution for its pies, cakes and pastries; Bethel Bakery.

At the “staged picnic,” Willard looked at the cookie tray and stated "I'm not sure about these cookies they came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or whatever” and pushed aside the cookie tray to focus on his talking points.

This is where his dumbass campaign staff should’ve stood up and corrected him. Hell if I was in attendance I would’ve interrupted Willard and walked him across the street to the bakery.

These are the types of small business he should be promoting as successful in today’s economic climate. A business that is thriving with high operating costs from materials to healthcare that are need these so-called small business tax breaks.

Luckily the Bethel Bakery ownership took the swipe in stride and offered “Cookiegate” discounts.

But even to knock 7-Eleven takes balls, as the majority of 7-Eleven’s are operated by Entrepreneurs.

Or maybe Willard’s swipe about 7-Eleven is his little way of telling us he has a distrust for a business that is predominately owned by Arab Americans? Let the Slurpee War begin!!

So Willard won roughly 24% of the registered Pa Republican hearts and dissed a Pittsburgh pastry institution only shows he has massive work to do in a State that is currently being looked upon as a “Ballot Stuffing” Swing State.

An article was released earlier in the week that stated “In Pennsylvania there is proof that the Democrats stuffed the ballot boxes in 2008 and the McCain campaign did nothing to challenge the results.”

Hmm, ballot stuffing and voter i.d. fraud may just be the lead headlines a few days before Election Day.

I find the notion of ballot stuffing a little odd considering that in 2006 the State of Pennsylvania moved every voting precinct in all 67 counties to a form of Electronic voting, either Optical Scan or Direct Record Electronic machines.

The only thing I can think of that could constitute “Ballot stuffing” would be the Optical Scan System, but even that is hard to prove, because the Scan Card handed to the voter, they mark their picks and it runs through a scanner.

If someone runs to Scan Card under their name, the second card voids the first, therefore only the second card is valid. So “ballot stuffing” is a far less issue then someone trying to commit voter i.d. fraud and even if it becomes an issue of voter i.d. fraud, the latest vote makes the previous invalid.

Just for added reference, roughly 0.17% of the American electorate uses a hand counted paper ballot. So with a little over 207 million registered voters in the United States, which means there are roughly 35 million hand counted paper ballots. That’s if everyone actually finds the muster to get away from American Idol and go vote!

The Republican National Committee will force the rumored ballot stuffing come September, but we’ll never hear the Media talk about the ways of voting in States like Pennsylvania, where by law there are no ballots!

Romney’s favorability has risen over the past few months, which is now around 38% depending on what poll you prefer to read on whatever Media source you choose to view. However, Obama leads Romney by 4% in 12 Swing States like Pennsylvania, there’s still a huge gap to fill.

Every misstep by either candidate is critical advantage, it just depends on how the Media over emphasizes the misstep. What looks like a Lemonade could be the dreaded al Qaeda Lemon/Lime Slurpee October surprise!

Slap the Tap Lucy and pour the Guinness. Pay your political governmental slushy fund tab

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