Monday, April 2, 2012

Willard Romney's only strength will be with his VP choice

Vice President “whothef*ckareyou?”

OK, minions, let’s be destructive in thought.

As pundits across the Media world start to count down the days to the GOP convention, with many believing that Willard Romney is their guy, the Con-talkers are dreaming in political pornographic thought of who will be his #2. (Please insert a Dr. Evil cackle whenever you feel).

The same names keep popping up like little pundit wet dreams. Thoughts of Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan dance in pundit heads. All three have endorsed Willard, yet have stated they aren’t interested but will campaign for him in their respected States.

I can hear Sean Hannity’s Marco Rubio man crush breaking right now. Quick Sean, take to Twitter and denounce my view of your man crush.

As beloved as Rubio is, many will cry that his choice is simply for the Latino vote, a voting demographic the GOP so desperately have been vying for. But Rubio’s biggest drawback is his lack of experience, well that and he is a lemming to the GOP with little achievement to show thus far.

Ryan, someone I have followed and like, would be to shore up the Conservative vote, a major area that Willard is hurting. Many have given Ryan huge props for his second attempt of a Budget, which is a watered down version from 2011, but much of the old GOP guard are still wary of Ryan, even though he is an experienced veteran in the House.

Yes, all of Conservative Nation is jumping for one of these two, but what if Willard throws a curve ball and goes with the anti-enthusiastic route, say maybe with Tim Pawlenty or Jon Huntsman.

Does he reward Mr. Enthusiasm Tim Pawlenty for being a good soldier for dropping out of the race after Iowa and give him the VP nod? It’s hard to believe that anyone was able to get behind Pawlenty to start with, yet I find myself falling asleep just thinking of the possibility.

What about Jon Huntsman? In 2009, pundits and politicos alike forget Huntsman was considered the Conservative favorite to beat Obama in 2012 until he took the ambassadorship to China.

Well played Mr. President, well played.

Huntsman’s entry into the campaign was odd, lackluster and well, mindboggling that no one really thought he was truly running. However, he has served many presidents in his past and seems to be the one possible candidate with “worldly” exposure.

But with a Huntsman choice, how many will cry Religious foul as the Christian Right is already edgy about a Mormon President, yet alone a second Mormon in waiting as VP.

Willard’s poll numbers amongst Women is well below “O’s” so does he try to get Condi Rice off the lectern tour? As much as I respect Ms. Rice, I do believe this would be a bad move for Willard as many would see anyone from “W’s” tenure as a VP candidate as more of retreaded political thought that helped cause today’s problem issues.

Plus, I’m hoping Ms. Rice gets her dream job of Commissioner of the NFL.

Let’s throw a bone into the political stew and toss Arizona Governor Jan Brewer into the kettle. She’s a tough no nonsense bird who many GOP women like, but then you lose out on the Latino vote.

Willard is hurting amongst Women, Catholics and a large portion of the GOP rank & file. Sure many are showing support but that’s only because they want the process over so the true campaign can begin.

Experience counts, now more than ever.

Presidential candidates normally choose a running mate that strengthens their weakness. “O” choice in the human gaffe-machine Joe Biden was for his Foreign Affairs strength, while back in 2004 John Kerry simply chose John Edwards due to Kerry’s lack of popularity.

Right now, Willard has many issues to resolve amongst the GOP. He needs a VP candidate with experience abroad but also at home as so many are wary that he is indeed “Obama-Lite.”

But here’s another thought, what if Willard choose a Democrat as his running mate, say maybe Evan Bayh, a secret Democratic hopeful in the last 3 Presidential campaigns. There are large amount of disenfranchised Democrats still upset that Hillary lost to “O.”

Face it, with Santorum and Gingrich still lurking in woods, Willard has little momentum heading towards Tampa, no matter how many delegates he receives. The constant infighting is hurting the brand and leaving many wondering if they should skip the election and just stay home to vote in latest American Idol episode. After all there’s an “app” for that vote.

One thing is for sure, Media will let themselves be fooled again and miss out on another “Gotcha’” candidate.

Get ready, because I truly believe as I’ve blogged before, Rick “Spazzie” Santorum is the safest bet for Willard to have a fighting chance in November.

Slap the Tap, pour the Guinness because it’s lights out… Pay your political tab.

Here’s a clip from my favorite political show; Morning Joe

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