Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate Reaction: The lost footage of "Up" sums it up

As Democrats wallowed in an emotional abyss for a week as their leader, O'Barry, gave one of the most pitiful unemotional detached presidential debate performances of modern history the previous week, Republicans danced with glee upon his political grave.

But somewhere in Danville, KY, a man was placed in hiding, stood in front of a mirror and repeated to himself “who’s got 2 thumbs, great set of teeth and doesn’t give a f*ck? This guy, Joe Biden.”

That’s right, the plight of the Democratic Party presidential survival stood on the shoulders of the human gaffe-laugh track, VP Joe Biden. And amazingly, after one debate a party’s political emotional abyss turned into rainbows and unicorns.

As I mocked, laughed and cursed while watching the debate and gave commentary on Social Networking, I was shocked by other comments attacking Biden. Don’t these people know who this guy is?

I guess not, because if they did they would’ve known that this is the real Joe Biden; arrogant, smirky, obnoxious, and asshole-ish to the highest degree. And the Democratic Party needed him and he knew it.

But as Democrats waited for their hero to emerge, the Republicans danced with glee for a week, mocking Biden, Pres O’Barry for his poor performance and even though they wouldn’t say it, they were acting as if they had the Chris Matthews’ “tingly leg syndrome” after Romney’s performance.

To the Conservative cheerleaders of Hannity, Malkin, Coulter, and a few FOX News anchors, O’Barry’s 2nd term was dead.

I watched the VP debate with anticipated interest, not because of Biden, but because I wanted to see how Congressman, err I mean, Mr. Ryan would perform. And by my best estimation, Mr. Ryan performed extremely well on the national stage.

Why did I correct myself and call him Mr. Ryan? Well that’s because that was one of the agreed upon requirements by the Commission of Presidential Debate with both campaigns.

Yes there is such a commission and the reasoning behind the salutation of “Mr.” instead of “Congressman” was due to the very low Congressional approval ratings and the Romney campaign did not want to associate Ryan with Congress.

As I said, I was pleased with Ryan’s performance as many in Con-Punditry World should be, however as they did somberly praise Ryan, they spent more time attacking Biden for his “Un-Vice Presidential” antics in front of the cameras during their after show.

They too forgot who Joe Biden really is.

The complaints about Biden’s performance from the Conservative Right’s cheerleading section shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, it’s a given. Hell, there should be a drinking game for the after debate talk shows.

Biden’s theatrics during the debate was nauseating at times and other times I was left wondering if he would blow a blood vessel as he interrupted Ryan like a runaway steamroller.

Ryan, held his own, stayed calm, seemed flustered to start the debate but reigned himself in and stayed strong with his dreamy-eye angelic school boy charm.

One must be thick skinned to be a VP, as historical their presence is nothing but a shadow behind the president. Dick Cheney is the modern day exception to the rule, yet was the model for the Biden choice over the popular Hillary Clinton.

Both Biden and Ryan attacked policy, both domestic and foreign, with flair, intrigue and fact. Well as some stated on my FB page “Biden's truth and facts are his and his alone" can justly be said of Ryan as well.

As Biden pushed Ryan to further the Romney tax policy, Ryan towed the campaign line and pushed the "6 Economic Studies" theory that agree with their plan. And this is where Biden failed.

Biden needed to address these "studies" as pure fiction because they are not studies but op-ed pieces that ranged from The Wall Street Journal to The Heritage Foundation from partisan Conservative media.

As the bickering leaped to Afghanistan, Biden's forward thinking of "we need to leave as they need to survive on their own" as well as "they, as well as our allies, want us out" was followed up with Ryan talking about "we need to stay there as long as necessary as they need to us to survive" thought made me wonder "should we consider Afghanistan as part of the 47%, leeches and moochers that need US government funding?"

When Ryan attacked the idea of higher taxes for the wealthy and small business, I am not positive, but I believed Ryan may have slipped when he stated "if everyone paid income taxes last year, including successful small business doubled their income taxes this year we'd have a deficit of $300 billion dollar deficit."

As my Twitter feed exploded and my running commentary on Facebook gave me blisters, the joy of many or was that delusion, of the decided victor is left to them alone.

Last I saw, the current U.S. deficit was around the $1.4 trillion mark.

Personally, I'm calling the debate a draw as both men gave vehement and valid responses. However, people will turn to the Polls to determine who the debate, it just depends on what Poll one believes in.

As I mention often, I hate Polls, because I disagree with them. Yes, I disagree with them in that polling 200 people within moments after a debate or event does not speak for 300+ million of this nation.

Please leave the poles to strippers and firemen.

One of the best after show comments placed on my Facebook page was "it looked like the polite, young, middle aged son having a conversation with his confused father in a nursing home"

That’s it, Slap the tap on a frosty cold Alimony Ale, refill the Cheeto’s bowl and here’s hoping this election cycle ends quickly because the Pundit Media is already looking towards 2016.


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  1. Biden's reactions belong in a bar when your arguing with friends, it was distracting on TV and diminished him. As far as Ryan's comment about the deficit... it's the spending... all the raised taxes would not help unless you decrease the deficit' Homne economics 101.