Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where are we as a nation now that the 2012 Presidential campaign is almost over?

Where are we as a nation now that the 2012 Presidential campaign is almost over?

We, as a divided political nation are about one Social Network post away from delusional madness, because if there’s one thing for certain, this campaign has proved; the partisan divide has widened, people have lost the ability to talk in a calm mature manner, and people will post whatever no matter the content just to get someone enraged.

As technology grows and more avenues open for people to voice their political opinion, the more distant the civility horizon becomes. We are at the moment in time when simple disagreement once was to just walk away, not now, nope we now must badger and poke further to make sure one gets the final word no matter what it may be without regard of the verbal opponent. “Keyboard bravery” or “Keyboard strong” has become this decade’s version of writing on the bathroom stall.

Yes, it’s easy to stand tall from a mouse click away, throw verbal abuse after verbal abuse to another, and then block them when the battle obviously has been lost.

I’ve been on discussion boards and been through these battles, only to be the one blocked by my adversary. I fight my political discussion board battles clean, I try to steer away from name calling and lead the opponent further into their thought.

It’s a game, yet when the opponent obviously sticks to one side of the argument, frustration sets in for them. Capital letters, misspelling, curse words galore, and quoting one’s IQ makes them all the more game for fun until you call them “cupcake” and they block you from seeing any more posts.

So bad is the divide, “people” of some sort feel it’s necessary to warn everyone that if Obama loses the election there will be rioting of a National “Rodney King” magnitude. And yes, I’ve heard Media report, been told by family and received messages from people that plan on taking Nov 7 off work and not send their children to school for fear of rioting and violence.

If these “riot” conversations are true, why is Media not attempting to tap down the flames instead of stoking the fire as they are?

So how did we come to this point?

Who pushed the buttons to this point?

It may sound silly but the Media has held our collective hand to this abyss. No one will believe it, because why would Fox or MSNBC not report the truth? It’s called ratings and the adage of “if it bleeds it leads” is a placard on the newsroom wall.

Over the past 4 weeks, the partisan divide has widened due to Punditry Worlds reviews and so-called reporting that one would think they were on a grade school playground listening to their demographics arguing the misleading points.

Until people stop refusing to change the channel and spend time listening to the other side or click to another website to read another view, the divide will widened ever further. It’s come to the point that one must click on Drudge Report to read an article and then find a similar article at Thinkprogress, cut and paste parts of the article to get the complete detail of a story.

Yes Yellow Journalism of the internet age rules the partisanship divide and it seems as the day grows longer is when the vulgarity grows louder and that’s by the pundit host from both walks of political life.

A good ear in a political conversation can tell who listens/reads who in Punditry World, it’s all in the “facts” they use and it’s almost forbidden to add another view or counter “facts” to indulge further thought. Take the ever present argument of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.

As the everlasting argument begins “If we drill here, fuel costs will go down, American jobs will be created, and our dependence of foreign oil will dry up,” yet that is mere political talking point banter with Punditry World leading the way.

Simple research, wait, who has time for research when their favorite talker did it for them, right? Wrong.

The original TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline application never guaranteed American jobs in the numbers we’ve been told through Media, as their repeated number seems to grow with each breathe. 500 jobs one week rolls into 1500 jobs the following week and ends up at 20K jobs in the end and it’s that number that gets repeated.

TransCanada’s only mention of jobs in their application mentions “possible 4,000 temporary jobs” and those jobs are sporadic at best from manufacturing and construction. However, half of the manufactured piping and steel used in the construction of the pipeline has already been imported from China and Japan.

Landowners in Texas are forming opposition and filing lawsuits against TransCanada due to shady business practices and the lack of guaranteed American jobs.
Nor had/has TransCanada guaranteed that the oil flowing through the pipeline will be sold in the US to start with.

But, the misleading talking point Punditry World will not discuss those facts and instead argue what has already been voiced.

How bad is the argument over oil and pricing?

When mentioning on a post that Big Oil has pulled out of sending natural gas drilled from the Alaskan North Face to the lower 48 and selling it to Asia instead, many people will defend Big Oil because they can’t point a finger at the current Administration.

Yet, if it were a Republican President, MSNBC’s Ed Shultz would probably be reporting from the North Face tonight, screaming about a piss poor job that fictional president was doing with a mass of Liberals freezing behind him.

If it doesn’t fit ones narrative, it’s easy to argue with limited facts. But who wants to know full facts in an argument?

As long as “we the people” play the snakes to the Media Piper, we’re screwed as a nation, just look over the past 20 years for proof.

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour me some smooth Black Strap Stout and get off my barstool because the Election Day countdown clock just started and Chris Matthews’ tingly leg meter just spiked.


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