Monday, March 8, 2010

Health Care this Palin

"Make a hole make it wide!"
That's right Big Poppa Politics is back after a few weeks to regain my composure and find direction. So let's rant and rave.

Did Sarah Palin sniff the glue that holds her hair extensions in place? The whack job from Wasilla was quoted over the weekend as saying " We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?" And she had the "brass ones" to say this in front of a Canadian crowd she was getting paid to speak in front of!

So hold on there "Ms. Lipstick Pitbull," you used to scramper across the Great White Northern border for health care! Why? Because in Canada the health care is free or should I say it's "at a guaranteed one time fee." Mrs. Palin, you used Socialized medicine and survived!

Folks, I know people who live across the pond, some with serious medical problems and they survive under the "socialized/government medicine" system. But, here in the 'ol US of A, we are talking about creating a system for people who's employer does not provide or cannot get health insurance, not putting everyone into a meat grinder as one!

I have to say I agree with both sides of the aisle on this. I do believe everyone in this grand country should have access to affordable health insurance. Don't give me that line "everyone in America has health coverage, it's called the Emergency Room" because that's a load of crap. Sure you go to the Emergency Room, whether you can afford it or not, and get taken care of. Then wait for the bill, if you have health insurance and depending on the medical reason, you might pay nothing, but I've seen some people get hit with $5,000 for services and they have insurance! I don't care how much money you make, shelling out $5,000 is a hard pill to swallow. I don't care if you're the healthiest person on earth or born with a pre-existing condition, affordable healthcare is needed today, tomorrow, and in the future. Or else we'll become a nation of "Logan's Run" or the book "The Lottery."

Yes to access to affordable health insurance for those who are in need of it. That meaning, all you large companies out there are safe from being robbed, besides the large company gets better deductions depending on the size of the employee pool
anyway. So let's open up Medicare to the uninsured.

Medicare is supplement insurance, but it's better then not having anything at all. What could be a $2,500 medcical bill could be reduced to $1,000 out of pocket. I know it still sounds large, but it's better then nothing.

So to do it, we gotta fix Medicare first and for most, which means all of you that called Medicare a "Socialized/Government Medicine" system back in the 1960's and now are on it, SHUT UP! You are the Entitlement society, not the kids growing up now.

You want everything the government provides that you were against during it's inception. It's damn true, so sit down and listen up. You got all these little perks in Medicare, like for instance gym memberships.

Gym memberships cost on average $50/month for most, but under Medicare, Seniors are able to drop the cost to half. Now if they have Medicare Advantage through their health insurance, the cost is cut close to another half. So if my sad math skills work, they're paying close to $13/month for gym memberships. Not to damn bad. However, that $13/month gym membership is costing the Medicare system $40/month in payment to the health insurance provider who bills Medicare.

Let's not even talk about the trillion dollars President Bush cost the system under his Medicare Plan B or D or whatever stupid letter they came up with.... THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN AND NEEDS FIXED.

Fraud runs rampant in the system, we know this, but it's because the system built the fraud we are talking about. Look, in Pittsburgh where nursing schools run amock, the average salary for a Registered Nurse is close to $10 less then across the
state in Philadelphia where Nursing schools are less. So if a typical surgery cost$5,000 in Pittsburgh, Medicare will pay $4,200 for the surgery, making the hospital charge for the $800 difference. However, the saem surgery costs the same in Philadelphia, but Medicare will pay $5,300 to the hospital. That's right, they pay more and the hospital profits as well. Who said there wasn't capitalism in today's hospitals? Shouldn't the Medicare payment be the same? You decide.

The Wasilla lipstick-kissing pitbull can say what she wants about socialized medicine, she used by her own words and survived. Well then, you don't know the difference in satire from one comedian to the next, so maybe it did do something to
you, or was it the extension glue?

Oklahoma's Tom Coburn talked about going after the fraud first and I agree, the only problem is to do so, Government is gonna grow by adding new federal employees to the system.

Speaking of jobs, since when is it the President's responsibility to create jobs? When did the Presidential seal become an incorporated sign? Don't give me the line that "obama is creating a socialist state with government intrusion" crap again.

Folks, it all started during TARP under President Bush, don't deny it, because history is date stamped on it! TARP was needed, but wasn't regulated enough. I agree, if you want the Government to bail you out, you gotta prove you're not
gonna follow status quo and gotta fix what went wrong. Like any business going to the bank for a loan, the bank wants to see you're playbook. I don't blame President Obama for telling the banks, "now you gotta pay interest as well to the taxpayer."

But how much can a President offer to businesses to hire or to start up? How many tax breaks can be laid? How many incentives can be placed on the table to start a new business (please no more coffee shoppes, I'm jittery enough)?

In the mid-2000's, President Bush cut taxes on businesses so they could "re-invest" in America, about 70% did not. Companies took thos tax breaks and re-invested in Europe or Asia, and no one did a thing about it. So outside of expanding what some
consider an already over expanded government, can a President do?

Our government still needs money to function. Our government still needs to pay our soldiers for dedicating their lives to protect ours. Our government still needs to pay the electric bill, but our government still needs to learn how to balance the
budget. It worked for a few years in the 1990's, and money was saved. Although some say it was an auditing or fixing the numbers on paper to look good.

To that last statement, I say this "if the money wasn't there at the end of 1990's, does that not mean President George W.

Bush wrote a couple million bad checks to the American people in stimulus money?" Think about it.....

Turn over the peanut bowl and pay your tab... Big Poppa's heading out



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