Wednesday, March 17, 2010

President Dictator how are thee?

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

That's right Big Poppa's just waddled thru the door and he's waddling fast for the peanut bowl and plopping his big two bar stool butt down (Damn you Southwest Airlines for making me declare myself as two people).

See Big Poppa was up late last night, flipping through the Internet and found an article by Jerome Corsi, that he can never recall hearing about. Seems the President has passed a directive that grants him, what is close to, dictatorial powers!

This directive makes plans for federal functions of all Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Governments, as well as all Private sector organizations to function under Presidential directive under a National emergency. Sounds like martial law but also sounds alittle more Communist as well to Big Poppa.

My lord, quick call Glenn Beck! Call Michael Savage! Call Dora the Explorer to reach a Census. Dang it, where's my FOX News hot line number at, this is huge.

OK, so under this "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" or as it is known inside the Beltway of Washington, NSPS-51 and HSPD-20 respectively, this is for catastrophic cases only. But let's define catastrophic cases: Incidents of mass casualties, incidents of mass disruption say to infrastructure, economy and population. OK, but wasn't that what the Department of Homeland Security was created to help and the reorganization of FEMA, Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Patrol and the US Secret Service under the DHS's roof?

So if something catastrophic happens, this "directive" gives the president authority to take over control of everything(!) in the United States until he/she sees fit to restore to original format. So it is martial law but on steroids. So, say, if there is another Anthrax scare like in 2001-2002, the president could throw out his "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" card on the Oval Office floor, therefore putting the entire United States under his control, making governors useless (aren't most anyway?), seizing their National Guard control, putting federal agents on the NYSE floor, and well even take over all communications from television to cell phone usage.

WOW! So no one could listen to Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or watch American Idol under this, wait sounds like a sweetheart deal to Big Poppa.

The president can declare a national emergency as one sees fit and can seize property, assets, control all communications, national guard, restrict every means of travel, institute martial law, and basically control the lives of every US citizens for as long as he/she deems necessary.

WOW! The president could take over the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Pirates, happily depriving their fans from yet another losing season, but would anyone care?

So here's the clincher.... no one sees this as a contradiction to Constitutional law and a simple dictatorship. Once again, say there is another financial collapse and well people go lunatic, a president can simply lock down the country as he/she sees fit until he/she declares the emergency over... Sounds far fetched, but under this directive it could happen.

Now there has been a National Security Act for some time, which let's Congress rescind any presidential order if they feel it is acted upon inappropriately. But this "National Security and Homeland Security National Directive" super cedes it, giving Congress no balance of power and making them useless (like they haven't been useless in decades). That's right, the National Security Act is a useless directive now and all Congress could do is pout in the corner.

Well slap Big Poppa's ass and call him Susie. Where the heck were all the "mainstream media," and that includes FOX News (shut up Hannity, FOX News is Mainstream) when all this transpired? Stupid liberal media, bending over for their love affair of the president like that.

Oh wait, did I forget to call BULLSH*T on this nugget of info and tell you this all happened in May 2007 under then President George W Bush?

Dang it! Turn over the Peanut bowl and help pay the tab. Please click the advertising tab or I'll issue April 10Th as FOXNews Appreciation Day and King Big Poppa will make O'Reilly/Hannity dance like the court jester fools that they are for all.


  1. Big Poppa where have you been? My question is was this right after 911 before Homeland Security was formed? Still don't know what Homeland does just another layer of beurocracy (spelled wrong). You forgot to mention "O's" wanting to organize a "civilian force" to do God know's what. Is this in place of the National Gaurd and will they wear brown shirts?

  2. Wake up, I said this was done in May 2007!! 9/11 was in 2000. The conservative talkers have rotted your brain.

    The "O" effect you are talking about, was another directive installed under "W" to federalize the National Guard, once in 2007. it was to overstep the Insurrection Act of 1807, which says US troops cannot be deployed on US Soil for law enforcement.

    So call Beck or Hannity and grab a box of Kleenex

  3. eaw Cant u read it said May 2007!!!!Come on drop the cool aid n wake up