Monday, March 22, 2010

Even Beck(ster) needed Social Justice

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Big Poppa is a little fumed about what has transpired these last few days and I want to rant.

Where does Glenn Beck get off telling people, especially Catholics/Christians, to leave their church if they hear the words "Social Justice?" I'm not gonna pigeon hole all Catholics/Christians, only those that call themselves "Conservative Catholics/Christians."

What is Social Justice? Well the National Association for Social Workers defines it as "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need."

WOW! So helping others, who are in the greatest need of help is bad. I must have missed that Sunday school teachings.

Alexander Hamilton, I'm sure many have heard of this insane person, wrote about Social Justices in something called "The Federalist Papers," particularly in paper #7. Where he said that other states need to help another monetarily under the circumstance of war. Hm, so don't let one state fall victim to hardships.

WOW! So helping others, who are in the greatest need of help, is needed to be a successful nation. I must have missed that day in Social Studies and American History.

My answer to those questions will be simple, "Conservative Catholics/Christians" are ignorant! Go ahead, burn my yard it needs landscaped anyway.

"Cpnservative Catholic/Christians" are like the geek kids who want to be popular. They try to hang out with the popular crowds, but keep getting shut out or pushed around and then when asked upon for help, say a place to party on a Friday night, they open the door, get trounced on and when the smoke clears come Monday morning, the are back to their nameless "geekdom" lives.

Every election cycle, the "CC/C's" are used by the Republican Party and even the Conservative talkers to get someone elected. "Sure so-so is for all your wants, just vote for him/her, and you'll see" and what they see is a pittance of what the "CC/C's" wanted.

This where I don't understand the love affair between Republicans and "CC/C's". The "CC/C" need to be slapped and water boarded. You are being used for one purpose and you enjoy it or else you wouldn't return the dang(!) Republican phone call.

While Beckster has told Catholics/Christians to leave their church if they hear the words "Social Justice," people like Bill Donahue (Conservative Catholic League President) are defending Beckster.

Beckster needs to understand that people need help, a Social Justice if you will. Beckster needs to remember, he once was on the outs of society. Drug Addict. Alcoholic. He had many demons. He ruined his first marriage due to his addictions. Could he have saved his first marriage with help of a Social Justice?

Churches use Social Justice to teach their communities how to:
1. Conduct personal relationships
2. Importance of relationships for common good
3. To find the power of action
4. The importance of social values for the community

Heck they even:
1. Sponsor "get out the vote" drives
2. Sponsor bake sales to help the community and church

But they also use Social Justice to help those in larger need. Those people who need a place for Alcoholic Anonymous meeting or Addiction Anonymous meetings. Those very same programs that the Beckster used/uses to help him with his addiction.

Social Justice is not all about the monetary value. It's about helping people, who are in grave need, rise again and find their self worth to their families, their communities and more importantly to themselves.

So I say to you, Beckster, remember where you came from and who helped you. You attended AA meetings, therefore you had a sponsor, someone to call when you had the urge, when the addiction was uncontrollable. Someone came, someone listened, someone helped you rise again. That my friend is a Social Justice.

Sorry for the incoherent rant, but that's it, the Peanut Bowl is empty. Pay your tab.


  1. Economic equality is socialism.
    If you mean everyone has the opportunity to earn yes, if you mean that I should give up half my paycheck so another can have half - bullpoop

  2. Once again, you miss the mark... Beck is talking about thru the Church, not thru the government. People give their money to the Church, never ever asked how their donation is spent.

    Churches provide many things other than a place to pray, and these "Social Justices" is what Beck is calling upon as wrong. The same things activities that helped him.

    Don't be so blind to every word he speaks. And this was not brought to you by Gold-line (lol)

  3. Wish I lived a life like eaw where i needed no one and no support. Can you tell me there was never a time in your life that you didnt need anything? I never forget that i am where i am and have what i have because there were times when i needed help and others were there. thank god that in this world we dont have to count on people like you. I also hope you are never in the hopeless or helpless place where you could use a little support because if we followyour modelyou will be alone. thank god for the people who may not have much but are willing to give to others in need.

  4. Actually, what Beck was stating as wrong is a social justice agenda that eliminates God from the picture and substitutes it with BIG GOVT. I saw the show, did you? liberals like to leave God out of everything unless it suits their purposes. The good Samaritan didn't run to nearest authority when he found the badly injured Jew, he dug into his own pocket and financed some medical care and saw that it was done. Unless you saw the shows and the context in which Faith, Hope and Charity are presented, you don't know what you are babbling about.

  5. So Beck saying "leave the Church if you hear Social Justice" he's saying Big Government and Liberal agendas have taken over the Church? Is that what you are saying?

    Just as you Libs leave God out unless it suits their purpose, goes for the Republican party as well. They court the Christian Right when needed and then dispose of them when they are thru. John McCain said he could win the Presidency w/o the Religious Right and then realized he badly needed them, so he sucked up to the likes of Robertson and his crew.

    Church, religion, and the followers have become such a "booty call" for the politicians and the talkers. It's truly a sad thing.

    Besides it wasn't more than 40 years ago, it was the Democratic Party courting the Churches. flip flop

  6. So, those that preach tolerance have revealed their intolerance!

    OH, well.

    As far as helping others, allow me to blow-viate.

    As GMK said, the Samaritan didn't run to the nearest authority and demand that OTHERS take care of the injured person. He did it himself.

    Forcing someone to take care of others is simply conscription. Forcing even others to pay for it is simply extortion. Blaming them for not doing it soon enough or to a greater degree is simply avoidance. Getting a naive populace to agree with your actions is simply bait and switch marketing.

  7. “He's saying Big Government and Liberal agendas have taken over the Church? Is that what you are saying?”
    Why are you shocked at that statement? What’s your world view – the lens by which one perceives the world-- and how was your world view shaped? No doubt by the public education system and the higher education system of this country whose agenda, curricula, and professors are far more liberal than the average American: Indoctrination beginning at an early age.
    I think many seminaries, thus many churches, have succumbed to a watered down gospel to sell themselves- not demanding anything of its members, not teaching from the Word of God, the Bible, and no accountability. God is something you “do” on Sunday but otherwise He’s not part of the picture. They’ve made church a feel good movement, a social function. Unfortunately, in many respects, church leaders, pastors, & members are only a reflection of our society rather than a reflection of the life that Jesus would want us to live. Perhaps that is why the main stream churches are losing membership while evangelical and non-denomination churches are growing. Truth is uncorrupted reality.
    And I’ll say the same thing that I ended with earlier: if you have not attended a smattering of churches or even churches from a variety of denominations, how could you refute what Beck or I am trying to articulate? Just blabber.

  8. To Anonymous:
    I brought up 2 kids while working full time and going to college to better myself and my children. I depended on my family and friend for support not Big Brother government.
    Beck is talking about ministers like Father Tom who preached Communism during the 1930's, or churches that preach hate in the name of "social injustices".

  9. Yes I am a product of the Public School System and know a couple dozen teachers in said system, that might take offense to some of the words spoken.

    As for my higher education, I attended a very Conservative college, not Liberal. I challenged all my teachers and professors on their political views, whether I agreed with them or not. Many of my college professors are in high regard for their backgrounds, so please do not spat wrongly of the American Educational System, unless you attended the same system as mine. Which I am sure, you did not happen.

  10. Big poppa

    May not have gone to YOUR school but my children attended public school and I work in a school system now. My opinion and I'll stand by it.

  11. Beck was talking about "social justice" in the context of eliminating God and being accountable for our actions. For example, churches that preach it is OK for illegal immigrants to come into our country, breaking our laws. Beck said "leave that church." He is right! Those particular churches are supporting illegal activity, which hurt legal citizens in the US.
    GMK's post is correct as well, Beck was talking about the fact that "social justice" in the terms you describe is taking GOD out of the mix and replacing it with big gov't, such as the Nazi's did in the 1930's. The Repubs you are speaking about that use "the conservative Christian Right" are Rhino Repubs. They are NOT conservatives. John McCain is a Rhino Repub, which is very, very different from a conservative. He needs to go home!

  12. GMK, I listened to Beck's radio show to which he talked about "Social Justice." I didn't see the TV Show or watch the Radio Livestream.