Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GOP Debates to be sponsored by WWE & Slim Jims! for now on

I’d like to thank Vince McMahon and the WWE for sponsoring the Las Vegas GOP debate on Oct 18.

OK, well it should’ve been sponsored by VKM and Company because the only thing missing was a Steel Cage. Wow! Choke holds, kicks to the groin, and open hand slaps were given out by the GOP candidates last night and thank god Newt Gingrich wasn’t wearing Spandex

The last debate gave some serious competition to the front runners as everyone was on the attack and somehow Mitt Romney kept a calm demeanor and hair in place.

Feisty spats over Illegal immigration, Obama care, Foreign Aid, Tax laws, and Yucca Mountain reigned supreme in the latest debate, so here’s the skinny:

Illegal immigrants
Gov Perry went old school Mr. Fuji with a salt tablet from the shorts by bringing up Romney’s past with an Illegal landscaper. Truly, this is more like a last grasp for air for Gov Perry’s tumble in the rankings when bringing up Mitt Romney’s landscaper.

Romney has a point, when you hire a company to work at your home, whether lawn care, home repair/remodel, you expect competent labor. How many people question the company’s hiring practice?

Romney has answered this attack many times, by stating he originally fired the company but did rehire them as a “2nd chance” only to have the same problem re-occur.

999 and other tax plans
Tax plans by the candidates should be constructed by Bobby “the Brain” Heenan.

Once again, Herman Cain proved me right from 2 weeks ago that his economic thought is one sided. To forgo the questions on State taxes as comparing ”apples to oranges” and only concerning himself with federal tax only makes his plan look more regressive.

And announced today, Gov. Perry is to release his “Federal” flat tax plan next week. Notice it’s called “Federal” for it does not work with the State tax laws. In other words, it’s just shy of Cain’s plan.

A few years ago, I wrote a whole blog on “Fair/Flat” tax and how no one can agree as to what that percentage should be set at (at the time it was discussed to be between 17%-24%.) Now it’s rumored that Perry’s plan will be a 17% “federal” flat tax, so once again using Cain’s model, and adding in the State & Local tax rates, people will pay between 23%-29% in total tax on item.

I agree the current tax laws need reformed, but when thinking of the small business owners, do either Cain or Perry know how many Tax Firms could be shuttered under their plan and how about those that have spent years working on their Accounting Degrees?

In other words, their plans will only add to an already overburdened Unemployment sector.

Yucca Mountain Repository
Well it sure ain’t Space Mountain WOOOO!

Back in August 2004, while honeymooning in Las Vegas, it just happened that both Pres W and his opponent Senator John Kerry were in town campaigning and it was the first time I ever heard of the YMR.

While reading the local newspapers, it was easy to read that the majority of Vegas town was completely against YMR, more for the case that spent fuel would have to be driven through town to reach its destination.

It’s also easy to say that YMR has been a debacle since it began and cost taxpayers roughly between $110-$140 billion in its over 20 year history. Drilling, blasting, security, construction costs all wasted for something that was never truly approved, yet begun before all information was accepted.

Obama care
This topic is like watching Mick Foley from the top of a Steel Cage.

When asked the question by Anderson Cooper “is there any part of Obama care you would not repeal?” all answered “No repeal the whole thing.” But there are parts of Obama care that is misrepresented by many.

CHiP program is not a form of Welfare, anyone with child can use CHiP and your monthly payment is determined by your household income.

Even if your company offers Health Insurance, what you pay for yourself can be modestly low, let’s say $30/paycheck for yourself. But under many plans, once you add a spouse or a child, the cost hits the roof. I won’t lie, when I was on Unemployment a few years back, we placed our son on ChiP, because if he were to go on my wife’s plan she would have paid 4x’s as much or basically working just for Health Insurance.

ChiP ranks your monthly payment by household income, so if a combined household income sits around $60k, you’ll pay more than a household bringing in $40K or less than a household bringing in $75k.

The other misrepresentation is done by everyone, that being keeping a son/daughter on your health plan until they are 26 yrs old and still in college. Most young adults are staying in school longer and working towards their Master’s Degree, possibly working Part Time somewhere as well.

Seriously, whose business is it anyway as to who or what my plan that I pay for is to anyone else? The government is not paying my health plan, I am as well as my company, therefore stay the f*ck out of my health plan and worry about your own family.

Yes, Obama care is not perfect, so why not fix what needs to be fixed. I believe Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker John Boehner, along with a handful of Democrats have called for a “Fix” and not “Repeal” in the past.

Border Defense
I’d give this topic to Gov Perry because he has dealt with the topic for a decade, if not more, in Texas. As he said “It will take 10-15 years to complete a Southern Border fence” and not to mention the billions involved.

Way back in 2006, Pres W authorized appropriations to build 700 miles of Southern border fencing at a cost a little of $6 billion. Congress only ponied up about $1 billion. But that was only 700 miles out of 2,000!

Later on in 2006, the San Diego Fence Company was contracted by the US Government to begin building the border fence and within months was fined $5 million for hiring Illegal Immigrant to build the fence.

As Gov Perry claimed, more boots on the ground and drone flights may help. However, with all the attention on the Southern Border, there’s just as much activity along the Northern Border as well.

What we saw last night was a spectacle as 7 candidates (Huntsman skipped out in protest) fighting for their campaign’s life minus a steel cage and folding chairs.

Many of the candidates like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are just playing “spoiler” roles right now and in Newt’s case, it’s helping his merchandise sales tremendously.

The debate formats are definitely changing as the Primary calendar closes in. Audience involvement is up, candidates are getting feisty and the only thing missing is each candidate having their own intro music & pyrotechnics.

Just don’t let Rick Santorum walk out in complete Ric Flair ensemble!

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