Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend political tryst makes the pundit feel “cheap & dirty”

Across America, Media and disenfranchised Republican hearts have been broken, for this month’s Media darling New Jersey Gov Chris Christie has told all that he will not seek a 2012 Presidential Campaign.


One part of me is happy he is not running, yet the other side is upset.
I like Gov Christie and no it ain’t a Fat guy routing for a Fat guy kind of like. No I like him for his honesty. He tells you how it is and will work with all to get to the goal. He understands that his State is in peril when he took over, and has worked with opposition to meet agreements.

After all, anyone who tells Legislation, constituents and Media to “Shut Up” over Shari Law rumor stupidity as he named Muslim-American Sohail Mohamed to Jersey’s state bench, gets huge praise from me.

Yet the Media put forth all their resources over the weekend to push him to the top of every news hour. Late night talk shows wrote monologue after monologue about him. Hell, the Media is started a whole conversation about the obese are unfit to run for office.

And yet, after having their hearts broken, it took them all of 10 hours to start their “Sarah Palin” watch and return to their favorite whimsical hopeful.

And little over 24 hours later, the Media had their hearts crushed again as Sarah Palin has decided to sit out. I told you so for over a year that Palin will not run for President as she enjoys being Sarah Palin “the celebrity” for all its perks and luxury. Plus, as I have stated as well, Palin cannot handle criticism and breaks down when the news is not in her favor and being a candidate as well as President is a 24/7 criticism roller coaster.

So now, the Media must find another darling amongst the congested candidates or look towards pushing someone’s name such as Jeb Bush or Bobby Jindal into the fire.

The Media has a problem for they can’t work with what’s been given them. And it makes one wonder if those that are staying away are just looking forward to 2016 when it’s a clear field on both sides.
Since Bill Clinton’s surprised emergence 1992, the Media has been looking for a “darling” amongst the political masses, as the Media never saw Clinton becoming the nominee.

In 2000, both VP candidates Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney were surprised choices by Al Gore and George W Bush. Why were they surprises? Lieberman was also in the midst of a re-election campaign for Senate and Cheney was the man behind the scene vetting all of W’s VP choices. The Media hit the wall wondering what their so-called experts had missed.

John Edwards became the Media darling in 2004 after running a semi successful Presidential run with his “Two Americas” theme and heartwarming stories of life from the bottom up. He then took the VP spot to help the emotionally boring John Kerry with some youth and excitement to the campaign.

Let’s not forget how the Media swooned over a then National political newcomer in Barrack Obama during the Democratic convention.

The Media jumped abroad Mike Huckabee in 2008, when he began to surge in polls and of course the Media felt like the fat kid picked last when John McCain chose Alaska’s Sarah Palin for the #2 spot. Once again asking their political experts how they missed Palin on the political corner.

So here we are in 2011 with the Media having fling after booty call fling with everyone they think could or will run for the GOP nomination. Bachmann, Trump, Perry and others have been left by the Media waiting by the phone with every new entry.

When Rep Michelle Bachmann announced, it took TIME magazine only a week to get her in, err, on the cover only to turn her into the last call when feeling needy.

There was Donald “Whore” Trump’s running-only-for-ratings semi campaign. FOX News couldn’t wait to get their sleazy hands and give him a contract as a political hack. And once again, many hearts were broken as they believed the hype the Media dealt that Trump could be the Prom King.

The Media became a fickle bunch for they had named everyone from Mitch Daniels to Jon Huntsman and back to Bachmann as the #1 choice in polls, praying that constituents will keep coming back for more for a spin.

When Texas Gov Rick Perry was set to announce his bid, the Media dropped their pants, bent over and plastered his likeness everywhere. So far, Gov Perry has had the Media waking up and wondering “did we really do that?” and stumbling for the door.

Someone really needs to get the Media a large HIV Test kit for all the bed hopping they’ve done in the 2012 campaign so far.

And with his current surge in polls, I say to Herman Cain “Be Careful,” for the Media has already written your name on the bathroom stall for next weekend’s political booty call.

Better keep the spin doctor on speed dial with shot in hand.

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