Monday, October 17, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Debate Whammies ahead

It seems the GOP is really working hard to get the candidates as much television exposure as possible as there is a total 22 debate scheduled for this year and into 2012.

Either that or they are trying to push as many people into the fire because they just don’t trust Mitt Romney to lead them to victory.

Well the Media has really been helping the GOP push anyone and everyone other then Romney, yet those being pushed are faltering once they hit #2 in the polls. That’s evident as the Media keeps pushing Gov Perry even though he hit more potholes then the Pennsylvania turnpike could offer.

But with all these debates and Sunday show appearances, don’t some of these folks have day jobs?

Last I checked Ron Paul & Michelle Bachmann should be in Washington DC doing work on a mountain of legislation that needs to be completed, you know stuff like Jobs and the Economy to get America moving again.

Gov Rick Perry still holds office in Texas and do recall the governor telling his 2010 primary opponent, then Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, that she should resign her position if she is to campaign because she won’t be doing anything in Washington. Hmm, following one’s own advice I see are we Ricky ol’ boy?

I want to help the voting public with this important decision of picking the right GOP candidate for 2012. With the help of, I will list multitude of scheduled debates so they do not interfere with everyone’s hectic life and TV viewing, because I know how important it is for people to see “Snookie Dancing with Hobos” or “Chuck Norris hunting Lesbian Kodiaks.”

So here’s the list of 22 known debates (some have already happened):

May 5- Fox News/South Carolina Republican Party, Greenville SC
June 13- CNN/New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester NH
July 10- Daily Caller/American Tax Reform/Citizen Outreach Foundation, Las Vegas NV (postponed)
Aug 11- Fox News/Washington Examiner, Ames IA
Sept 5- Senator Jim DeMint/American Principle Project, Columbia SC
Sept 7- NBC News/Politico, Simi Valley CA
Sept 12- CNN/Tea Party, Tampa FL
Sept 22- Fox News/Google, Orlando FL
Oct 11- Bloomberg/Washington Post, Hanover NH
Oct 18- CNN/Western Republican Leadership Conference, Las Vegas NV (possibly postponed)
Nov 9- CNBC/Michigan Republican Party, Rochester MI
Dec 1- CNN/Republican Party of Arizona, Undisclosed location AZ
Dec 10- ABC News/Republican Party of Iowa, Des Moines IA
Jan 12- Des Moines Register/Iowa Public TV, Johnston IA
Jan 19- CNN/Southern Republican Leadership, Charleston, SC
Jan 26- CNN/Republican Party of Florida, Jacksonville FL
Jan 30- Fox News/Republican Party of Iowa, Des Moines, IA (to be rescheduled)
Jan 30- St Petersburg Times/NBC News, Tampa FL
Feb 7 or 13- ABC News/WMUR, Undisclosed location NH
Feb 19 or 27- FOX News/South Carolina Republican Party, Undisclosed location SC
Mar 5- NBC News/ Politico, Simi Valley, CA
Mar 19- NPR/PBS/Washington Times, Portland OR

Now, the next debate may not happen, since some of the candidates are taken a symbolic stance that if Nevada changes their primary date to happen before New Hampshire’s, they will boycott the debate. I seriously think they don’t want the debate because it’s on CNN and no one really watches CNN any longer.

But I believe these debates need something extra to make it worth our viewing choice. Sure we’ve had debate on the Economy, Foreign Policy, National Defense and so on, but it becomes stale and since those in attendance have become part of the excitement I say let’s change the format.

With the new crowd involvement, let’s add a game show host to the mix. I think Drew Carey can do better the CNN’s King or anyone from PBS. Seriously, exchange the boring podiums with the Price Is Right podiums and list each candidates budget savings plan amount under their name.

Or let’s introduce a huge debate wheel or Plinko! Board and have each candidate take a turn to see what their topic of discussion will be.

Personally I like the idea of Press your Luck and have the candidates hit a buzzer to answer. I could just see Newt Gingrich saying “No Whammies No Whammies” only to hit the “Whammy” and lose a turn to speak.

But one serious idea should be introduced and that is rearranging the candidates on stage at each debate.

Currently the Top 2 get the prime spots in front of the moderator, which is bogus because everyone sees them 75% of the time regardless if they are answering or not. So let the candidates pick numbers from a hat or at least play Rock Paper Scissors for the center podium. I wonder if the old Hollywood Squares set is available. I can hear John Huntsman saying “I’ll take Rick Santorum for the block Chris (Wallace).”

So last week’s debate was about the Economy and how each candidate’s plan is better than the others. And since that debate, Herman Cain’s “999” plan has gotten the most press, with its premise being “fair to all” and it (admittedly) will help the lower middle class and poor because “used goods can’t be taxed once they have been taxed.” In other words, Cain’s idea is to help the Economy is to turn consumer consumption into a Consignment Shop atmosphere.

Gov Rick Perry released his plan later in the week, going for the “Drill here, jobs here” plan, which would help more in Alaska and Texas with Big Oil contracts.

Ron Paul’s plan states “he can save $1 trillion by cutting 5 departments (including Energy, Education, Commerce), slashing the budget on other departments, add a balance budget, and cutting Obama care. Of course he never spoke of how all these cuts will affect and add to the Unemployment numbers.

And reports came out today that Mitt Romney’s economic plan is not far from if not equal to the current by Bowles-Simpson board proposal that was commissioned by Pres “O” and dumped by Congress. Remember that plan? There’s a reason very few do remember, because as soon as it came out, Rep Paul Ryan took center stage with his Budget Plan.

I’d tell you about Newt Gingrich’s economic plan, but you’ll have to buy one of his books or documentaries first before being privy to that information.

With all these debates and many Sunday show appearances, the voting public is getting tired and worrisome about what a future GOP president plans to do. And of that future president, it seems rather clear that the mass majority in the GOP do not want a Romney presidency at any cost.

So how will the masses react if they do get a Romney presidency? They’ll embrace it as if they had his back the whole time.

After all, “No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies” is not a good campaign slogan.

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