Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Open Letter to L. Brent Bozell III: Morality & Hypocrisy go hand and hand in Politics and Media

Open Letter to L. Brent Bozell III: Morality & Hypocrisy go hand and hand in Politics and Media

I’ve come to loathe former Parents Television Council and current Media Research Media bigwig L. Brent Bozell, III for well over 15 years now. His fight against the lack of Morality on TV mirrors his ignorance of looking the other way on Media hypocrisy. Maybe because he’s a paid extra for Fox News and the Con-Talking heads like Sean Hannity.

Mr. Bozell’s PTC past was led more for the lack of civility and moral comprehension during what was termed “The Family Hour” timeslot of TV viewing. That timeslot was designated as the 8p-9p of non-cable channels like NBC, ABC, FOX, WB and CBS.

Shows like Seventh Heaven led the PTC ranks as the best on TV, while shows like Rosanne were considered deplorable for viewing.

Let’s see Seventh Heaven was a show about a minister and his family working through daily issues and Rosanne was a comedy about a middle class family working through daily issues. Grant it, Rosanne starred the crass Rosanne Barr might have something to do with it.

But even wholesome PTC favorites fell victim for lack of moral character like Brandy’s Moesha,the once beloved show of the PTC eventually was attacked because of one episode dealt with unprotected teenage sex.

But I’m done talking about PTC past, no my compliant today with Bozell is his hypocritical defense of Rush Limbaugh in the op-ed “The Rush to Censor Limbaugh.”

The fact that Bozell is defending Limbaugh boggles my mind. Oops, I forgot, just like Liberals, Conservatives circle the wagons for one of their own as well.

Funny how both sides will cry about moral attacks of the other, yet commit the same sin themselves. I mean wasn’t it almost a year ago that Conservatives went on the warpath against MSNBC’s Ed Shultz for calling Fox News’ Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut” twice (once on radio and once on TV) in a day?

First, Shultz is a Liberal blowhard almost equal to Limbaugh and his reasoning for name calling? He was upset that Ms. Ingraham spoke displeasure over “O’s” decision to keep his scheduled European trip instead of visiting tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri. Certainly not a great reason to call someone names.

Secondly, unlike Clear Channel (largest carrier of Limbaugh’s show), MSNBC immediately suspended Shultz for a week (without pay) as well as broadcasted an apology by Shultz to Ms. Ingraham and anyone that he may have offended.

Ms. Ingraham even went on air, accepted Shultz’s apology and stated “Mr. Shultz seemed sincere with his apology.”

What’s the difference between Shultz and Limbaugh that Bozell missed? Easy, Bozell’s op-ed makes it sound as if Limbaugh’s words to Sandra Fluke were a one-time deal, when in reality it was a three day rant of name calling and asking her to post her sexual encounters on the web.

Bozell’s biggest gripe is no one boycotted Shultz’s shows.

I cannot speak for Bill Maher, nor will I ever. I have not watched his Real Time show since I got rid of HBO and when I did have HBO I was a casual viewer, waiting to see who the guests were to determine if it would be worth my time.

I did enjoy the times the late Andrew Breitbart was a guest. The man took verbal shots from other guests, host and audience alike, only to return his own shots with much glee.

Yet, again, Maher is a crass comic who’ll say anything for applause. But how many times can a viewer listen to “those f*cking a**holes” or “solve the issue by legalizing pot” to take one serious as a political talking head?

We’re comparing apples to oranges when dealing with verbal assaults of the egomaniacal political mind. We could go back and forth all day comparing verbal jabs from talk show hosts and congressional figures alike.

The true argument is that Limbaugh was in the wrong for his three day tirade. Maybe had he spoke those words once and gave a sincere apology, not typed words on his website or unapologetic on air tone used the following Monday, it may have blown over. But this is Limbaugh, he doesn’t give up and he doesn’t full heartedly apologize for anything.

The proof came forth on March 7 with a Limbaugh article in Vanity Fair to which he made himself the victim by his own words without truthfully taking responsibility. That article was all about business and sponsorship and not about his over bloated ego.

I’ll take Mr Bozell seriously as soon as he takes his Morality tour seriously and takes on Media as a whole, not sporadic voyeurism for a paycheck.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Clear Channel, the largest carrier of Limbaugh’s show, is owned by Baine Capital? Is there some conspiracy there just like GE and “O”? You decide.

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour the Guinness and pay the political tab.

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