Friday, March 23, 2012

Willard Romney the “Etch-a-Sketch” President? More like Mr. Potato Head

Willard Romney the “Etch-a-Sketch” President? More like Mr. Potato Head

Poor Willard, the man just can’t get love from his own party and with the eventual mental “spaz” breakdown of Santorum, the GOP is still hesitant to back him.

In the past 7 weeks, Willard and his campaign have been on gaffe control, almost comparable to “O’s” campaign reeling in Biden’s mouth.

Now we've all heard the "Etch a Sketch" comment by Romney campaign aid Eric Ferhnstrom , to which pundits for/against Willard started to interpret Willard as the GOP version of John “for it before being against it” Kerry.

But I don’t think the toy Etch-a-Sketch is correct, Willard is more Mr. Potato Head for all his interchangeable parts/policies.

The first week of February Willard had made a supportive stance to raise minimum wage to coincide with inflation, a stance that is not held within the GOP rank and file. Yet, by the beginning of March, Willard reversed course and is now touting he is against a minimum wage increase.

Let’s see Willard says what he can to get the nomination and then reverses course after getting the nomination. “Spaz” Sanoturm might be onto something here, as Willard held the same stance when running for Massachusetts Governor in 2002.

Ok, you won't buy into that one because Willard has been a successful businessman and he loves letting us know in every interview, but what about his stance on TARP?

Everyone remembers TARP (Trouble Asset Recovery Program) and how “O” put us $770+trillion in debt under his supervision. Oops, sorry that was the Con-talker media giving me bad info, TARP was under “W’s” supervision, “O” was only a pawn in the Congressional Soup that voted for it.

Ok, we’ll give both the blame, it’s only fair.

On March 22, Willard is quoted as:
“There was a fear that the whole economic system of America would collapse — that all of our banks, or virtually all, would go out of business. In that circumstance, President Bush and Hank Paulson said we’ve got to do something to show we’re not going to let the whole system go out of business. I think they were right. I know some people disagree with me. I think they were right to do that.”

So, we can assume Willard may reproduce another TARP? After all he was for it originally.

But the Auto bailout, he was completely against that right?

Well back in 2008, again campaign aid Eric Ferhnstrom, stated that is was Romney’s idea to correct the Auto industry that was adopted "O" and that “O” should give credit to Romney.

But Willard still blames “O” for the Auto Industry bailout, something Willard was for then against then for again. The only one not being blamed for the Auto Industry bailout is “W.”

Originally, after TARP, “W” wanted to help the Auto Industry but Congress finally got a spine and said “No.” So “W” circumvented their answer and took unused TARP money ($13 billion), gave it to the Auto Industry, and nothing to show that they would fix their problems. A few months later, Detroit returned for more and “O” asked for something in return.

So which seems fair?

So “O” and Willard are more alike on paper and in real life and with one more reason.

That’s right the “Birthers” have risen again and not only want more answer on “O’s” birth certificate, now they want Willard’s California birth certificate as well. Why?

In 1897, Willard’s great granddaddy was opposed to giving up his 4 wives and headed south to Mexico. Guess he couldn’t resist losing all that loving. So the family lived in Mexico and daddy George was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. By 1912, the family decided to move back North and settled down in California.

So both have foreigners as fathers, but did Willard’s great granddaddy ever denounce his US citizenship? That’s the question I want answered.

So let’s recap, Willard and “O” are equal on the following: Affordable Healthcare, Auto Industry bailout (depending on the day of the week for Willard), Minimum wage increases and TARP.

And let’s not forget having people question their foreign born fathers, religious belief and funny names.

I’m starting to believe they are the same person, interchangeable just like Mr. Potato Head.

That’s it and I still have half a Guinness left. Pay your political tab

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