Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Media frenzy determines our court of public opinion

There are times I want to punch a reporter or journalist in the face. Now I don’t condone violence but the Media frenzy of “First and only here” on countless radio/print/television media outlets is getting ridiculous and actually making fools of many people.

We can look at Rick “Spazzie” Santorum’s recent “Bullsh*t” comment towards a New York Times reporter for stupid reporting. I applaud “Spazzie” for his outburst because it needs to be said about how Media is acting these days.

In 2006 it was the Media frenzy over Terry Schiavo, then 2011 with Casey Anthony and now Trayvon Martin. Media outlet trying to outdo another Media outlet, but they are also fending off the Internet as well to be the first exclusive report.

What happened to Trayvon Martin was a tragedy and we, the viewing public, should be appalled at ourselves for diving in with little knowledge, yet determined we know everything.

Does it matter that Zimmermann teaches Sunday school in this case? No, but it’s about his character. Does it matter that Trayvon Martin was suspended from school? No, but it’s about his character and our court of public opinion will be determined by their character no matter the final outcome.

The Internet is no help with the likes of Michele Malkin and Media Matters, both politically divisive to their readers and both have had their faults in the Martin case.

Malkin had published pictures of a young “Martin” showing gang signs and flipping the bird had to later retract those pictures with an apology that the pictures were not Martin, but another young black male.

Media Matters had to print an apology for calling the Drudge Report a racist website for publishing a multitude of articles on about Martin and Zimmerman, which were unfounded.

Both have dedicated readers and with their senseless reporting have already embedded their original thoughts into the minds of their readers.
What the Media, better yet WE, need to focus on is this was a young adult killed.

What we need to remember in the Martin case is that Zimmermann was told by the Police Dispatcher not to pursue/follow Martin and let the Police handle the situation. Zimmermann is at fault for not following a direct police order and should’ve been arrested for that. Martin may still be alive today had Zimmermann followed that direct order, he is the cause of everything that has resulted afterwards.

But the Media cannot stop, because it’s all in the ratings.

Go back to Casey Anthony, no one in the Media was reporting about Casey Anthony except Nancy Grace. The rest of the Media saw her ratings spike when she would talk about Ms. Anthony and the frenzy began. Soon everyone knew what was going on and watched intently waiting for the verdict.

When a story becomes a national statement, many opinionating journalists become so involved with trying to report a different aspect of the story that they become “bullsh*t” clowns. And FOX News has the biggest clown of all time in Geraldo Rivera.

According to Geraldo, Martin’s biggest mistake was his apparel, the “Hoodie.”

To quote Geraldo "You cannot rehabilitate the hoodie. I'd bet you money that if he (Trayvon Martin) didn't have that hoodie on, that nutty neighborhood watch guy wouldn't have responded in that violence and aggressive way. Unless it's raining out or you're at a track meet, leave the hoodie at home."

So absurd was his comment, Geraldo’s own son verbally attack him on his Twitter page and five days later, a half-hearted apology was issued by Geraldo.

The “Hoodie” was not a motive in Martin’s death; no it was ignorance and stupidity by both Man and Law.

So now, with help of “bullsh*t” journalistic clown comments, whenever you turn on your TV, a celebrity, journalist and prominent Sports star is proudly displaying the “Hoodie” during interviews and reporting.

So absurd was the comment by Geraldo that the website CafĂ© has a dedicated page titled “10 hoodies Geraldo would find terrifying (with pics).” The pics are of babies and dogs displaying “hoodies.”

But Geraldo’s original premise was that the “hoodie” is worn during a majority of crimes makes me wonder what he feels about the new NRA “hoodie” with a handgun pocket at mid-chest? What are they promoting? Wouldn’t a criminal enjoy wearing such apparel according to Geraldo? Does that mean the NRA is promoting criminal activity?

Yes, as stupid as the last paragraph sounded, it fits perfectly with the Media frenzy of stupidity and “bullsh*t” journalism before us and helps divide us.

Here’s a thought for Geraldo and the rest of the Media frenzy ass clown journalists, go back to Al Capone’s vault, step in and close the door till you actually have an idea on how to report the news.

Rick Santorum, I agree with you, "it's bullsh*t!"

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour me a Guinness and pass the peanuts. Pay your political tab on the way out.


  1. I'm never wearing a hoodie again.

  2. You state "i'm never wearing a hoodie again," but I must ask why? Are you afraid to be mistaken for a criminal? Are you disgusted by the Media's oversaturation of the content?

    Personally, I love hoodies, own many and wear them often. That's because I like them not because they are associated with anything nor anyone