Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The President jumped over the Moon or where’s my Death Star?

The President jumped over the Moon or where’s my Death Star?

I seem to be finding myself constantly deflecting the misinformation spewed by both Con/Lib-Talkers repeatedly. The more these folks fling, the more half-assed information is absorbed into so many minds that it’s no wonder the partisan divide grows further every day that they broadcast.

I could (repeatedly) blog again about how rising gas prices are not reflective upon how a President performs his Constitutional duties as some Con-Talkers insist. Heck even Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal and the Tea Party billionaire backing Koch Bros have come out in defense of the great “O.”

Here’s a hint: Just as “O” inherited low gas prices from “W” in 2009, so did “W” from Clinton in 2000. Actually both “W” & “O” have been equal on the rise and fall of gas prices through their terms.

But that’s not necessary to talk about. Let’s talk Space, as in NASA and the blackness that surrounds us.

Some like to claim the great “O” killed the Space Shuttle program and NASA, yet once again half truths being spewed for many to jump on the misinformation bandwagon.

I’ve written about the aging Shuttle fleet before (Goodbye to the Flying Brick) and how the Shuttle was one of the most technological beasts ever designed, but for NASA and the Feds to believe it would last longer than expected, well shame on them for never developing a viable alternative when the fleet was destined to be mothballed.

Just look at this recent quote:
“The Shuttle's chief purpose over the next several years will be to help finish assembly of the International Space Station. In 2010, the Space Shuttle — after nearly 30 years of duty — will be retired from service.”

— President George W. Bush
January 14, 2004

Oh wait, was that “W” that put the nail in the coffin? Yes, yes it was.
And if you carefully notice, the great “O” doesn’t attempt to renegotiate nor reschedule anything that was set by “W.” Case in point is Iraq; “W” set the withdrawal timetable to which many pundits called a victory, yet when “O” carries out the order a few years later, it’s considered a failure by those very same pundits.

I actually think the Con-Talkers were more upset that “O” cut “W’s” grand plan to return the Moon. What is it with the GOP wanting to return to the Moon?

Last month, Flounder Gingrich was pandering to the souls of Florida that “by the beginning of my 2nd term, will have started a Moon base.” Um, you gotta have a 1st term to have a 2nd and you ain’t gonna have either Flounder!

Is there any economic value to the Moon?

Last time I checked, there are no resources on the Moon. No oil to drill, no water to drink, no air to breathe. But it does have an abundance of sunlight on one side, 24 hours a day.

Oh wait, I think Flounder Gingrich figured out a way to get our money back from Solyndra. Place solar panel across the Moon to run clean energy for the Moon base.

Actually I think Founder’s true plan is to attach booster rockets at both Moon poles to create an artificial rotation and he can then have his very own Death Star.

Sure Flounder’s plan was to possibly create a new form of private industry in the aspect of Space, yet that private industry has existed for years or maybe Flounder never heard of Richard Branson and his Virgin corporation.

In its 50+ years of existence, we have spent close to $530 billion on NASA and we are still trying to find out how frogs have sex in zero gravity or if marijuana is more potent 30+ miles above Earth.

The NASA budget for 2012 was $18.7 billion with 2013 set at $17.7 billion under “O.” To be fair in comparison, under “W” NASA’s budget was roughly the same, varying between $16 and $19 billion yearly. So, who do you blame for NASA’s budget woes?

Yet, as usual the Con/Lib talking pundits will lead their listeners down the wrong avenue and lay blame to the wrong person. But hey it’s an Election year and face it, Americans only care in sporadic Patriotic spurts.

Yes, we need to keep reaching into space and go as far as possible. We need to keep Hubble in orbit, we need to covet what we’ve accomplished in space exploration, but the Moon, we'll let Ol’ Ralph Cramden take care of that.

Slap the Tap and lift me a Guinness. Time to pay your political tab

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