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Big Poppa Politics 8-26-12: It's the Media that leads our "nutjob" nation

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We are a nutjob nation!

When did American Society return back to the violence-by-ignorance downward spiral path that every moment of life now must be scarred by stupidity?

Over the past 6 weeks, it seems there has been some sort of violence that makes it to the national Media stage to be dissected, at first to be political then be discovered to be something totally different yet turned back into the political debate for ratings.

I’ve already said my peace in concerns about the Aurora Theatre shooting, to which so many have complained about how poorly the University of Colorado/Denver handled Holmes' previous actions through the school year.

James Holmes had a brief history of making it known he was plotting to create havoc in one form or another. It was the University of Colorado/Denver that shrugged of the information as soon as they learned Holmes had dropped out.

The story ran in loop fashion for 4 days until Holmes finally had his first court hearing, then the story slowed. Ignorance by stupidity can be stamped on the foreheads of the school

Wade Michael Page was a little more discreet about his plans to attack the Sikh Temple.

The Sikh Temple massacre received modest Media attention when Wade Michael Page went on a rampage, but since it happened on a Sunday, the major cable networks did not carry the story as an all day event as they did Aurora. By late afternoon, the story was overrun with campign coverage and clips from the Sunday morning talkfests.


Two simple reasons, their desk-stars were off and only the part-timers manned the cameras. And secondly, the shooter was dead, there would be no court trial to decide Page's fate.

It’s simple fact the ignorance of hate that led Page to attack the Sikh Temple on appearance alone, since roughly 45% of America holds a belief that if a person wears a turban than they are of Muslim faith.

Maybe if Page had Googled the Sikh religion he may have learned that their are from the Punjab region of India, considered to be pacifists and they have been known to "raise a sword" in defense only, which has been a rare occurance.

As heroic as his actions were, Lt. Brian Murphy did exactly what he should've done, protect the innocent and lead them to safety first.

Media reported the actions of Lt Murphy and the death of Page, yet as we learned a few days later, Page took his own life, leaving the Media with a "oh hum, Lt Murphy didn't fire the deadly shoot, Page committed suicide" attitude.

And with that report, the Media killed the story as there would be no court to decide Page's end.

Kinda funny, how the Media and the “small government” camps applaud and use police officers as props when they do their jobs, yet will attack them for being a burden to budgets and call for their paychecks.

But that is today’s American Society, a so-to-speak call to arms when you’re against something until it affects you.

As Society becomes more engrossed by attacks of violence by ignorance and/or stupidity, its only a small amount of time when the victim can profit from the attack.

Case in point, the shooting at the Family Research Council by Floyd Lee Corkins.

Corkins, who was obviously upset with the National Chic-Fil-A Day and the anti-gay verbal barrage followed by some, decided he'd take justice into his own hands and attack the Family Research Council headquarters.

Now I have no love for the FRC, because as many groups do, they push their beliefs upon everyone as the correct choice in a verbal-warfare fashion.

Thankfully Floyd was stopped, causing minimal damage and brought lunch as well (carrying 15 bags of Chic-Fil-A in his backpack).

Shortly after this happened, I mentioned how the FRC will begin a "War on Religion" campaign, only to have people complain that I am "Anti-Christian" and "Gay-Lover" amongst other things as people said it wouldn't happen.

Well S*ck it, because I was right.

It took less than 24 hours for FRC honcho Tony Perkins to declare they were attacked thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center and within half day of that declaration Perkins double downed and said it was the SPLC & Pres Obama's fault for the attack.

I'm sure there will be more this week during the RNC Convention in Tampa.

The latest that happened at the Empire State Building can actually circle back the actions in Aurora.

By now everyone has an opinion as to what transpired in NYC when Jeffrey Johnson shot and killed his former co-worker, which led to a Hollywood-esque foot race down NYC streets with guns ablazin' and people screaming.

Only it was the NYPD firing the guns, as Johnson never got a shot off.

Camera footage shows 2 NYPD officers drawing their handguns on Johnson and gave him a whole 4 seconds to drop his weapon.

one onethousand, two onethousand, three onethousand, four onethousand.. bam bam.

Johnson never fired his weapon and all 9 civilians injured were from police discharge, whom fired 14 times.

Why does this lead back to Aurora, because so many stated that if an armed person were in the dark tear gas filled theatre, they could've stopped Holmes. So in that regard, 2 NYPD officers on an open NYC street fired 14 shots, killing Johnson but injuring 9 civlians. Is that justifiable?

And just like the Sikh Temple massacre, the shooter was dead, end of story and Oh look TS Isaac is off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The Media chooses which stories are nationally reported and become water cooler talk or opinionated discussion talks on Social Media. There's an insane amount of shootings, some exrtremely deadly, yet the course of action is how the Media decides it’s national worthiness.

Here's the wild thing, on Thursday evening(Aug 23), TS Isaac was sitting off the coast of Puerto Rico and the Media worried about the fate of the RNC Convention, yet there were 18 shootings in Chicago alone with no mention at the national level.

When did American Society return back to the violence-by-ignorance downward spiral path that every moment of life now must be scarred by stupidity?

Maybe we never left. Maybe because the Media needs to have a suspect to keep a story moving do we decide which is best to follow.

That's it, Slap the Tap and pour me some Old Brown Dog Ale as I watch the National Cat Show with more enthusiasm than watching the stuffed shirts at the RNC Convention.

Pay your political tab.

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