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Big Poppa Politics 8-16-12: The Political Surreal Life: Approved by Willard Mitt Romney

Welcome to Willard Romney’s surreal life.

Definition: Surreal- Adjective- having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic.

Well that about sums up the emotion felt across both Liberal and Conservative Media and minions on Saturday morning when Willard Romney announced Wisconsin’s (now favorite son) own Paul Ryan as his running mate.

And for those ladies, who never had an interest in the 2012 Presidential campaign, well let’s say from what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, well their hearts are all a flutter for Rep. Ryan and his boyish good looks. Then again, the same happened in 2004 when Senator John Edwards hit the Presidential campaign circuit.

All the political website are over saturating their readers with every piece of news about Paul Ryan, from P90X workouts to dissecting his “conservative” yea votes for TARP, No Child Left Behind, Detroit bailout, and requests for money from the Recovery Act.

I, for some odd reason, was more interested in the articles of Celebrities voicing their political views.

Yes, it’s easy to say that Willard Romney could produce a new season of VH1’s Surreal Life with all the celebrities that are ecstatic over his Presidential run. The loudest of both liberal and conservative celebrities are the B & C listers, those that have had little fame at one point but struggle to remain relevant in Tinsel town.

Funny, contrary to what Limbaugh & Hannity say, Hollywood is more conservative than liberal in the celebrity realm, it just depends on who gets the most TMZ time.

Over the past few weeks, those celebrities that have endorsed Willard Romney’s presidential bid reads more like a casting session from VH1’s Surreal Life. Porn Stars Jenna Jameson & Ron Jeremy, Donald Trump, Kid Rock, and Gene Simmons have come out in Willard’s support. Holy crap, if we only had a midget to complete the cast, because Jenna can cover the whole LGBT cast member all in one package.

I know many people don’t care about celebrities voicing their political opinion because many are written off as liberal knuckleheads thanks Con-talking Media. But when it comes to the celebrity conservative, well the Con-talking Media can’t wipe the drool fast enough from their collective chins.

For instance, everyone probably still remembers the whole Media fiasco over Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl “2nd half in America” Chrysler commercial. Eastwood is a life-long Republican and for him to do such a commercial with such political overtones, per the Media, praising Obama’s Detroit bailout, had politicos scratching their empty heads, many Con-talking Media calling Eastwood a turn coat or sell-out for such an action.

So bad was the Con-talking Media obsession with the commercial that the Hollywood icon had to appear on Fox & Friends to defend himself.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Eastwood proclaimed he was supporting Willard, well the Con-talking Media groveled at Eastwood’s feet begging for forgiveness. Pathetic in their previous January actions, that now they prance with glee “Clint has returned Clint has returned.” Yet he never left.

Celebrity conservative Hollywood has been around for a long time, for every Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin of the Left, there’s a Don King and Kelsey Grammer lurking on the Right. Really Don King is a Republic. And the funnier thing is all their personal actions equal that of each other, only difference is the “D” and the “R” attached to their political position and donation.

No matter how much the Con-talking Media mocks the Left for bending over to Liberal Hollywood, they do just the same, the best case is that of Donald “Wh$re” Trump.

There is no doubt Trump is the modern day PT Barnum when it comes to self promotion. He’s endorsement of Willard was so half-hearted, he probably should’ve sent an assistant to the news conference instead.

The man begs for attention, he can’t live without seeing his face or hearing voice in the Media, he’s a Media crack addict.

He’s practically begging to be seen at the RNC National Convention that he’s throwing Media bones of some big surprise that week. Hey any opportunity to whore himself and his crap NBC show, Trump will jump for free promotion.

Wait, I think WWE Summerslam is in a few weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump show up at WWE Raw very soon.

Face it, politicians love the attention they receive from rubbing elbows with celebrity, from Reagan & Arnold to “W” & Bruce Willis, there are plenty of conservatives out there that will pay more attention to which celebrity has the same views as they and there are more of them then there are liberals in so-called “liberal Hollywood.”

Personally I could careless that Gene Simmons jumped ship from Obama in 2008 to Willard in 2012, but the folks at Fox & Friends drooled when he appeared on their show to voice his like political views. I’ll still play my KISS CD’s and attend their concerts. I’ll still watch Bruce Willis movies equally as Tom Hanks’ movies, because they entertain me.

When the conventions are aired, NBC, CBS, and ABC will be sure to make sure their stars, whoever they might be in attendance, are shown having their American flags or interviewing endlessly as much as possible to hawk the upcoming season. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC doesn’t have a DWTS stage set up and have some Senator or Congressperson there to cut a rug for all to see.

The Ryan announcement, depending on your source, didn’t get the “bump” many expected. Some media called it a measly 1% and another 5%, but their weekend long footage makes one wonder, gee I really should rent that Police Academy 18 movie I’ve been holding out to watch.

The only true bump the announcement got was a massive Google search for “Paul Ryan shirtless pics.”

That’s it, Slap the Tap, pour me a Duquesne Pilsner and thank the maker no one was Googling naked pics of Chris Christie. Or were they?

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