Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Poppa Politics 8:10:12 - Here's to your 30 seconds of Olympic Pride

Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Volleyball, Soccer, and Wrestling, yes my 6 year old son and I admittedly enjoyed watching the 2012 Summer Olympics. Yet, there are many Americans who seem to enjoy the 15 seconds of medal glee too only turn to Social media to complain, whine and cry about some sort of non-controversy.

Whatever happened to American pride in our Olympic athletes? In today’s world, we are unable to pass compliment without compliant following.

The only true complaint there should be was with the opening ceremony outfits worn by our athletes. Not because Ralph Lauren used one of his Chinese shops to stitch them, but because they were god awfully ugly. They look as if they were copied from the movie 5th Element.

But regardless, after each of our Olympians accomplishments, Americans took to Twitterverse or Facebook to complain over something.

The Political-thinker argued over Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, being entered into the Dressage event. No one cared about the horse, the argument was Willard’s $70K tax write-off of the horse and the fact that he hadn’t planned on watching the horse perform.

WTF Willard? You made an investment in this horse and you are not going to watch it perform, what kind of investment guru are you?

I’m positive had Rafalca medaled in the Dressage event, Liberals would’ve petitioned the Olympic committee to check into a Swiss Bank account judge pay off.

Yes, we can complain about NBC multiple station coverage and spoilers, but we have to take that complaint to all Media as well. Fox News, CNN, Yahoo!, MSN and even Drudge had headlines, news scrolls and often interruptions to give medal updates.

Best way for NBC to solve the spoiler issue, air the events live! Comcast owns how many of NBC channels? Why not do Pay-per-View for certain events, because I can do without watching Table Tennis at 11pm at night. Well, unless I’m involved and there’s a beer on the corner of the table.

From Hope Solo to Lolo Jones, the Media has attacked with one voice but puckered their collective lips when the exclusive was needed.

I feel sorry for our Olympic athletes since it seems we don’t care about victory but about how “little patriotism” they show compared to other countries. Gymnast Gabby Douglas is a prime example.

This young lady trained for the better of 4 years to represent the USA and win a medal. Then when she does, the Media complains about her hair or she’s not wearing enough red, white and blue.

“Oh I think the fact she wore pink/purple during her routine is a show of political statement against the USA” could be heard on Social media. Um, no since the other girls wore Blue uniforms without any USA markings either, the argument is mute.

Long gone are the days of red, white, & blue flair of Mary Lou Retton and Mitch Gaylord, because if you hadn’t notice, many American athletes were wearing grey/yellow track outfits with the smallest of USA embroidered emblems.

It’s like a scene from the movie Office Space. “Um, yes, um you don’t have enough flair today. See Johnny has multiple flair and you have the minimum amount.”

Give Douglas credit she deserves. At age 16 she took on the World’s best gymnastic athletes and won 2 Gold medals. What did you win? This year’s Basketball Fantasy League? That won’t get you a Wheatie’s cover.

Aurora, Colorado had been in need of a happy moment after the Century 16 theatre massacre and they received it when hometown girl Missy Franklin not only won a couple Gold medals, but broke an Olympic swimming record as well as 2 American records. Yet 72 hours, people were mocking her for having large feet.

The act of being patriotic to ones country has more to it than their Olympic uniform. I didn’t see Romney’s Rafalca stamped with a big “USA” on its body, nor on the rider. Maybe if the horse had “Bain” somewhere people might be happier or complained more.

While I’m complaining about all the complaining, let’s complain about some of the 32 events. Why is table tennis an Olympic event and how does one train for table tennis without beer being involved? Seriously, I always linked table tennis to a college frat game more than anything.

You can’t take away Archery and Shooting, since the Hunger Games debut, these two sports have shoot up in registrations.

We can lose Handball, Fencing, Synch Swimming and the thought of Golf in 2016.

Let’s add Cornhole and Pole Dancing to the schedule. I’m not knocking pole dancing since it seems to be the latest craze for the middle ladies in the US, but I don’t think the networks would like it when the judges throw dollar bills onto the stage.

Oh come on, somewhere out there, someone is now thinking about a 50 Shades of Grey Olympiad.

Be proud America, we took home over 90 medals these last two weeks. Our athletes should be proud of their efforts and future endeavors.

Now excuse, but I need to talk my 6 year old out of thinking he can Kayak the laundry basket down the basement stairs while screaming “USA! USA!”

That’s it, Slap the Tap on the Guinness and raise a toast to our Olympians, and be happy you aren’t a North Korean Olympian being shipped to the nether regions of the country to stitch the 2016 USA opening ceremony uniforms.


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