Saturday, June 11, 2011

These are the choices? Well you can't fix stupid

Well it’s here! That’s right its commitment time for those “has been never will’s” of the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty all announced their intentions within the last 8 days and only Romney is winning in the polls against the hopefuls and even Pres “O,” yet there is very little jubilation over Romney’s lead.

Romney will be dogged by so many things during this campaign, it’s saddening. Romney-Care of course comes first, then his Mormon faith, and last his many flip-flops. For example, now Romney states (paraphrase) “Yes I do believe humankind has helped in the cause of Global Warming” was out of left field.

For a GOP contender to state this, well he just may have lost a lot of Conservative following. But Romney is already hurting because after he announced, many of the multitudes of Tea Parties across the US have declared “Romney is not our choice” and have started the chain letter emails to make sure he loses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Another one of the "Romney flip" happened a few days after his "humankind climate change" statement concerning the American Auto Industries government handout.

Back in 2009, Romney stated that if the US Government gets involved to help the US Auto Industry (Ford, Chrysler and GM) that it would end up burying the industry.

Now, move forward to 2011, all 3 companies are surviving and Romney now wants the credit for it, saying he had the idea well before Pres “O” and Congress acted. WTF?

But Romney is old news right now as “Mr. Erratic” Rick Santorum and “Mr. Enthusiasm” Tim Pawlenty announced their bids to a resounding thud on June 6 & 7.

I’ll skip over Santorum's bid for another blog except for the fact that if he wins and becomes Pres, we’ll be further in debt then under both “W” and “O” as we’d be putting all our defenses on the Iran border.

As for Pawlenty, will someone check him for a heartbeat.

I will give him credit for giving out more information about his plans than most so far. Even though his plan is not new and well rather Democratic in nature.

Pawlenty gave the nugget of info on how he would change our tax system with a three tier system:
1. The estimated 45 percent of U.S. households that did not pay income taxes in 2010 would see no change in their tax rates.

OK, right there stop. That’s an issue many Conservatives and Tea Party members have been screaming about every tax season. But Pawlenty is on to something here.

Of that 45%, there are many seniors on fixed incomes as well as working class Americans in the services field plus part time workers such as students, not to mention many in the military.

So Pawlenty doesn't want to tell Gramma she's a burden on society due to her tax rebate.

All may not pay Income tax, but still pay the many others taxes that are taken out of a paycheck such as Social Security, FICA, State and local taxes.

2. Individuals would pay 10% tax on the first $50,000 of income. Couples earning $100,000 would also pay that rate.

Interesting, sounds a little “Fair Tax” in nature. Yet with most Americans making $65k or less, umm that's not revenue coming into the Government bank account. So add more $ to the deficit

3. Everything above #2 would be taxed at 25%

WOW! hold that thought for moment.

So Pawlenty plans on dropping the current tax rate some 10-11%! And of that plan, it spells out close to a 41% tax cut for the higher wealthy.

There are more millionaires in the US than ever before, thanks in large to buying once high stocks at smaller affordable shares.

No wonder Pawlenty left Minnesota with over a $6 billion dollar deficit.

Pawlenty loves to tout balancing Minnesota's budget each year, however consider the thought that 99% of the States have a State Constitutional amendment about keeping a balanced budget.

I see both Santorum and Pawlenty’s campaigns closing out by January 2012.

There is no doubt this has to be heartbreaking for those that want to see Pres “O” not regain another 4 years in the Oval Office and no matter how dismal all the reports and polls look for Pres “O” unless a dominant contender shows up, their nightmare will be fulfilled.

Until a real contender appears and the Media stops chasing Sarah Palin's tour guide bus, Americans will never be able to know any of the contenders, just snippets of a campaign stop here or there because.... OH this just in...

Sarah Palin has made a decision... she plans on trying the switching to paintsuits to look more presidential, because it helped Hillary out so well

You can't fix stupid nor the Republican Party

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