Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paul Revere rode a Harley (correction)

Paul Revere rode a Harley....

As America's new tour guide rolls across the Northeast, it's good to know she learned history from Sen. John Blutowski(*), the most famous attendee of Faber College. He's famous statement of "... did we surrender when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" sent historians running to their books to rewrite past American fact.

It shouldn't surprise people that a half term governor can get half a history lectern correct, but the problem is no one asked Sarah Palin a specific historical question. Someone asked her "So what have you learned along your travel to historical sites?" There was no "Gotcha" moment and she answered as politely as she could from that little ice cream shoppe for which she stood.

The ride of Paul Revere is American lure, as he himself described his ride as short as he was captured and questioned by British soldiers. He rang no bells and fired no bullets. Revere recalls the many others that were to ride, but thanks to Longfellow's book, Revere is put upon a pedestal as a lone actor warning the colonies.

Yes, he was one of American histories most devoted rebels, working for a cause he believed so deeply, independence from the British Empire. We were not Americans, not yet; we were still subjects to the British rule.

But why is it so hard for someone to say "I misspoke." Seriously, listen to Sarah Palin speak and when she gets nervous or realizes she is speaking out of her league, her voice starts rush and rise as if gasping for breath.

And why is it that the Conservative Opinionator talkers of Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh defend her so? The reason Palin gets so much attention from both sides of the aisle is because the spineless puppets of the Media follow her every step, good or bad, and must report on it.

"..This just in Bob, Sarah Palin will announce that she's going...... to Baskin Robbins for a triple chocolate dip cone! This is truly exciting news."

It's pathetic how the Media has become a joke. And please do not tell me FOX News is "Fair and Balance" either, more like "Fair and Imbalanced" from how they question.

Seriously, they throw softballs to all the Republican interviews and become deranged Hyenas when a Democrat is interviewed. Yet they coddle those with fragile psyches such as Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.

Look, Sarah Palin can't accept criticism, nor can President "O", and if you can't handle it, then don’t go into politics.

But the Media needs to back away and only focus on the person and their policy. Stay away from the family. People shouldn't attack the children or their significant others (unless that person steps out and makes a statement).

But there is one thing I have learned watching all the video of Sarah Palin's guided tour, it's sponsored by TLC! It caught my eye while watching Comedy Central's Daily Show during the Paul Revere snafu. In a clip of footage, you can easily see the TLC logo on Palin's clothes. Hmm large tour bus, family in tow (and why aren't those kids in school?), and only 4 weeks till the 4th of July.

Welcome America to "Sarah Palin's America" documentary on TLC. Where we can skew American history further than anyone else in the Media

Timing is everything and Paul Revere rode an awesome Harley thru the "Big Dig" Tunnel. Seriously, just Google it, because Sarah Palin said so

(*) Sen. John Blutowski of Faber College is fictional. John Belushi played "Bluto" (short for Blutowski) of Delta House in Faber College from the movie Animal House.

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