Friday, June 3, 2011

The Happy Irrelevance Tour 2011

The Happy Irrelevance Tour 2011

The last man chosen at every NFL Draft has been given the moniker of “Mr. Irrelevant” to which he is given some sort of prize package in jest. It’s easy to say that of all the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls are all irrelevant. I’ve never seen such a group of “has-beens and never wills” in any political arena and that even more of the same are jumping in for a shot against the hapless current field.

Santorum, Romney, and Bachmann are to be joined by “Noun/Verb” Rudy G., Gov Pataki and even possibly Sara Palin. It’s like the GOP Clown car pulled up outside the confines of FOX News and all jumped in. There is one thing that will keep happening, more will fall and others will join, but they need a viable contender to defeat Pres Obama.

A presidential campaign costs close to $750 million dollars to run so if you think your 5 year old can be President, well start finding donors now because by the time 2040 hits, it gonna cost at least $3 billion to run a presidential campaign.

Not to mention that in this Political Media induced climate, keep track of all your kid’s friends and teachers, because you never know but Mr. Simpson, the school gym teacher, might have taught your child a socialist view during a game of dodge ball.

Now over the Memorial Day weekend, while the United States should’ve been honoring those that have served (past and present) in our armed forces, the media was too busy chasing down Sarah Palin’s tour bus along the East Coast. Sara Palin’s whereabouts is not as important as those that protect our country!

Give credit to Ted Shpak of the Rolling Thunder organization for, once learning that Palin was to attend their rally, telling all Media that Rolling Thunder is not about a political campaign, nor would she have a stump to talk from. I also give Mrs. Palin credit for keeping mum on her political aspirations and only converse in what was going on around her.
Palin’s 2012 “hysterical” bus tour is nothing more than a grasp of more media attention to which she devours. She has become an excellent puppeteer of the Media. However, it’s no coincidence that her tour came just in time as the release of the latest “tell all” about her from a former employee.

I do not think she’s turning into “Babs” from Animal House to become “America’s tour guide to history.”But you know, I’m sure there’s some documentary or reality pitch being dealt. As if Reality TV has not dumb-downed America anymore. Watch for a cameo from Jersey Shore’s Snookie or Dog the Bounty Hunter. Heck she already had pizza with Trump and it wasn’t even authentic New York pizza, it was a chain store! I agree with John Stewart, Trump needs to prove he is a real New Yorker.

One has to guess if Palin is learning anything on her historic site seeing tour. I say she has a lot to learn since she couldn’t even properly tell someone about Paul Revere’s famous ride the other day when asked.

With all that is circulating concerning Palin’s possible Presidential run, one has to wonder why FOX News Chief Roger Ailes has not given her the ultimatum that he gave Mike Huckabee?

Honestly, Ailes cut the contracts of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich when they were thinking of running. Ailes gave Mike Huckabee a week’s notice to make up his mind. Yet, Palin is still under contract, why?

Simple answer, he wants to keep her safe and cuddly at FOX News HQ.
When only half the nation listens to FOX News, that means only about 1/3 of the voting are hearing the hopefuls. How can one build a base or enlarge their base when you limit your voice?

And there lies the main problem for Palin and the rest of the “has-been never will’s” of the hopefuls. Until they leave the safe haven of FOX News HQ and do real interviews and get asked real questions, not softballs, no one will take them seriously. If you cannot take the criticism (Palin), then you’re in the wrong line looking for employment.

The question coming up is: Will America buy into 4 more years of “O” or just vote in anyone other than “O”?

Mr. Irrelevant 2012 or is that Mrs. Irrelevant 2012 show us what you got.

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