Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue Ox do exist just ask Wikipedia

“Four score and 7 years ago, John Quincy Adams grasped his M16 with his 8 year old hands and raised it above his head and exclaimed "Don’t ask what you can do for your country but what your country will do for you with Entitlements after victory" as he advanced with his Lemming minions against the tyrannical Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Army to defend our Northern Canadian state.”


Are you sure that's not part of American history and lore? But I read it on Wikipedia, so it’s gotta be true!

Politicians, whether in front of the camera or on the campaign trail always seem to stretch their career achievements and downplay their disappointments. If they can’t get their own history right, how well do they know American history?

Current GOP Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann has had more gaffes on the campaign trail then Joe Biden does while having a conversation with himself in the bathroom mirror, yet by her own accounts she is not wrong, nor is she misrepresenting our American history.

Bachmann’s latest was during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America’s George Snafalupukus.. Err Snakekuish orwhatever that little Smurf’s name is!

According to Bachmann, John Adams’ 9 year old son, John Quincy Adams, is a Founding Father. Um, I don’t recall learning that nugget of info in History class.

Seriously, she said it and believes it fully. Her campaign manager has got to have an ulcer the size of a soccer ball. But unless JQ Adams was a political prodigy at the age of 9, he was nothing more than a kid playing in the muddy streets of Boston.

Over the past 20 months or so, American history has been under attack by “scholarly” politicians and Professor Media personalities. Some will stretch our history, some will dissect it, and well others will just completely destroy it.

Just look at the mash-up of miscues from Pres “O” stating there are 57 United States to Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere gaffe, it almost makes sense as to why our children are having such Academic problems.

It’s not the misrepresentation of American history that completely disturbs me, but the Lemmings that follow every word of the politician or media personality.

After Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere gaffe, her demented followers flocked to Wikipedia’s Paul Revere page to change the lore of Revere to match Palin’s words. So many attempted to change history that Wikipedia had to shut down the page and correct what many had tried to change.

And in the footsteps of Palin’s Lemmings, Bachmann’s followers attempted to same.

First of all, Wikipedia is not the correct source for researching our history, but the notion that anyone can log on and retype history is disturbing.

Our children have enough trouble learning our history in their outdated schoolbooks or the matter of boring curriculum being taught. Many students are tired of learning the early history of America and want to hear more American history after World War II.

They want to know about American life during the 1950’s when America started expand in size and innovation. Many want to learn about the Vietnam War era, the Cultural Wars and the Great Society. Yet many teachers want go into those topics to their fullest because it’s considered way to Liberal to teach.

Think about it, wouldn’t a freshman girl want to know about life before and after the Women’s Rights movement became victorious in their actions? Shouldn’t students be taught all the United States’ involvement in Vietnam and compare it to what is going on in today’s conflicts?

Many Americans to this day, take the writings of Henry Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne as fact.

Longfellow wrote the poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” in 1854, some 70 years after the fact. He wrote that famous work more for a call to unity as he was concerned of the current events happening within the United States and build support to keep the nation has a whole. Shortly after being published, Fort Sumter was attacked by the Southern Confederates.

Without Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writing of Franklin Pierce, Pierce would never have become our 14th President. Hawthorne’s writings gave Pierce’s life a over exaggerated drama that many believed as true, almost equal to how many believe that Reality TV is real and the Jersey Shore is the best series on today

Our children only learn a fraction of American history and are misled by those that want to retard it to the likings of their political admiration that people will battle over who actually won the Cultural Wars of the 1970’s.

Then again, as I just looked at the famous painting of the Signing of Declaration of Independence, I believe I see a small boy to the far left, third row back, flipping the middle finger to the Union Jack flag!

Ok, that was made up but seriously Blue Ox do exist and they do get Medicare entitlements thanks to Medicare Part G. Seriously just look it up on Wikipedia!

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