Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Dismantle an Atomic (Anthony) Weiner Bomb

How to Dismantle an Atomic (Anthony) Weiner Bomb

I’ve always responded when told “you’re such a Liberal you never attack or mock the democrats” with “I don’t have to for they bury themselves with long-winded stupidity when answering” and in the case of (NY-D) Anthony Weiner, he proves my point.

Over two weeks have past with the (Anthony) Weiner Media Circus flapping in the wind for all too mock, joke, and dissect, while the Con-Opinionators act as if the Republicans are saintly, and it'd annoying to me.

Yet, Weiner’s true crime is stupidity in today’s Social Media age and only proves that one needs to know who is on the other side of the monitor.

When Rep. Weiner announced “Someone has hacked into my Twitter account” many gasped for air. No not really, I think people snickered at him for having a lame press conference.

But within 30 seconds, his staff should’ve pulled him off the podium when he stated “I cannot confirm nor deny that is me in that picture.” The reporters couldn’t get close enough to the podium after that statement.

Rep. Weiner, however, did something even dumber by blaming Andrew Breitbart as possible hacker. Well no doubt Breitbart is a hack, but I don’t believe he would sink as low as to hack into someone’s Twitter account. But why Breitbart?

Now Breitbart has admitted to having the infamous photos of Rep Weiner’s weiner and told all how he got his hands on it. So my guess is Breitbart went to Rep. Weiner about the pictures, letting him know he has them and wanted to see if Rep. Weiner wanted to tell his story first before posting the story of Rep. Weiner’s many tweets. Not as a bribe against Rep. Weiner, but as a legitimate news story.

I can’t believe I’m defending Breitbart!!

So now after a defiant tour around the news rooms, within one week, Rep. Weiner finally admitted his stupidity and still hadn’t apologized to Breitbart.

Rep. Weiner’s stupidity is far less than all those scandals of the past 5 years by those on the right and Democrats Spitzer and Rangel.

Rep. Weiner was not a “Family Values” politician as in Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, Mark Sanford and Mark Ensign. And of those listed the final 4 did far worse.

Running a “Family Values” soapbox as Vitter, Sanford, Ensign and Spitzer all cheated on their wives and only Ensign actually used bribery with employment opportunities and money.

All have hurt their families in one form or another and destroyed their political careers.

Some have denied their Party’s call for resignation and let their constituents decide their political fate.

Louisiana’s David Vitter was re-elected by his constituents after coming out and admitting his involvement with a prostitute (not once but many times).

New York’s Charlie Rangel was re-elected as well by his constituents after a tax evasion scandal.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted to having an affair. Yet, his mistress wasn’t even living in the US, she was in Argentina, and that affair lasted over 6 years. No wait, it’s still going on today, some 2 years after being caught.

Now Rep. Weiner has asked for a leave of absence and checked into a “Sex Rehab” to which I want to know what happens at in one of these places.

Do the hook a person up to some electrodes, let them watch porn and then shock the hell out of them? Do they force them to have nothing but sex 24/7 until they cry “uncle?” Or is there some sort of exorcism performed?

So what has the voting public learned from this episode of stupid politician? That no matter what, politicians are cheats from all different forms and neither is better then the other.

Well, Republicans are better liars and hide their tracks better. And Democrats do not need help with mockery for they do it better onto themselves.

Also Breitbart will always be a hack reporter trying to prove he is legit, for he proved it by holding onto the a second set of Weiner pics as a Trump Card. Only to be dumb enough to show that pic to friends, who were smart enough to copy and post on the web, thereby screwing over Breitbart and making him cry.

So how do you dismantle an atomic weiner bomb? Let him implode on the podium

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