Monday, September 20, 2010

It's 2009 and "W" is still affecting us

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

Gotta steal the "you betcha" from Sarah Palin. Everyone knows Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire on Dec 31, 2010, yet the Media and the candidates are portraying as if they are expiring on election day. Wise up America.

Everyone loves the term "Tax Cut," who doesn't? I remember when President "W" Bush took office and his usage of the term "Stimulus" had people running to their mailboxes looking for a check in 2001 & 2003. Congress has forgotten that to impose "tax cuts" there must be offsets in other funding from education to the military to even their own agendas.

Gotta give President "W" Bush credit, he was smart on putting "end dates" on legislation. He's timing of the Afghanistan/Iraq war funding was off the books until 2006. His tax cuts set to expire in 2010. Great timing why? Election cycle.

Under President Bush, however, whose tax plan Senator John McCain wants to make permanent, only 4.8 million jobs were created. President Clinton, however, created 23million jobs after raising income taxes and investing at home.

You simply cannot keep the Fed at Zero percent, keep the Bush Tax Cuts and want to cut spending.

The abyss between the far Right and far Left keeps growing.

Both parties worked together with Reagan, Bush I and Clinton. Everyone could disagree but come to a respectable conclusion in the end. All that ended in 2000 and now, we the American public is paying the price for the abyss.

Minority leader John Boehner keeps talking about taking spending back to 2008 numbers. But why 2008? Why not 1998 or 1996? The Republican answer is not the best nor is the Democrat answer. Face it, neither party has the absolute perfect answer, only the answer people want to hear.

Best example: Everyone knows about the housing burst a few years back and Republicans were quick to blame President Clinton and Rep Barney Frank for the meltdown. But if Republicans knew for so long that there was to be a meltdown, why did they run on the notion "under a Republican led Congress and White House, American home ownership has sored to incredible numbers" as they did from 2002 thru 2006? Part if President Bush's re-election campaign in 2004 was that statement. Yet they did nothing to fix the problem, brushed it under the carpet and prayed for the best and as soon as the bubble exploded, they immediately pointed fingers to the opposite aisle for the problem, never once answering why they never fixed it when they could.

Simple answer, they didn't want to take peoples chances of home ownership away or to lessen ones chances. And because they didn't want to, they let the system collapse.

With an every growing deficit, something, anything must be down, we cannot afford to run this deficit higher, it's obvious neither party wants to work with the other during this great partisan abyss and we suffer.

Now, there are people calling for the Federal Government to do more than impose sactions on Iran, but how? We can't afford any more War. President "W" Bush made that possible.

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