Thursday, September 9, 2010

Re-debate the Bush Tax Cuts

OK so President "O" has decided to once again use federal money to boost job creation. A new $50 billion infrastructure plan, call it Recovery Act Junior, since its planned price is far less then the original. It took about 15 seconds for the GOP establishment to sink their teeth into the plan and tear it apart.

Now Big Poppa is not agreeing with President "O" and latest plan, but it's a plan and not the same mantra the GOP regurgitates every time anyone questions the Economy and Job Creation.

But let's be clear on who is paying for half of President "O's" junior plan, the Gas and Oil Industry. Companies that make billions off the consumer, yet keep their tax shelters in Europe and Asia. We consume the second largest amount of gas and oil on Earth, yet we get stuck with large rate increases every year. Sure they, the Gas and Oil Companies, say the rate increases are to help pay for new equipment and such, yet where is that equipment? Sure you might see a new company vehicle, but they get those on discount. Ford ain't #1 in truck sales due to sales to regular joe's, no they sell those beasts at a large discount to these companies. You pay $24,000 for that sweet F150, they pay $13,000 for it. (Note: I am not knocking Ford, I love Ford vehicles).

More tax cuts cannot happen in this day and age. On paper, it's looks awesome, the math sounds awesome, but reality is, when you bring in less money and the bills keep rising, you gotta find a way to bring in the cash. Sure making spending cuts help, but that's short term.

My idea, let the Bush Tax cuts expire for everyone. Wait wait, don't go burning my house yet. Since those wonderful elected officials that love to see their faces on tv all the time can't agree on the Bush Tax Cuts, let them expire and start fresh.

I know it's crazy, but when the Healthcare Plan was being debated in 2009, how many times did the GOP ask to scrap the plan and start from scratch? All the freakin' time. So why not now? Simple answer, because the Bush Tax Cuts were a GOP idea and they don't like to renegotiate their ideas.

Taxpayers have been paying for 2 wars, both of which were off the books till 2008 (wonder why?), a disastrous Medicare Plan B plan (that GOP officials said they had no idea how to pay for), natural disasters, replenish our military (equipment and soldiers), and the much needed healthcare of our returning soldiers (of which President "W" tried to cut in half). No wonder our deficit was close to $10 trillion dollars by the end of 2008.

Neither party has the answers to all of our ills, spills and shrills, but it seems like the GOP likes to tell taxpayers they have the playbook for success, but never offers a nuggett of their thoughts. Come on Republicans, give us a flash of something other then taxcuts for the rich and controlled spending, because you guys sucked at controlling spending for over a decade!

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