Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let the implosion begin.. Big Poppa needs to take control

"Make a Hole, Make it Wide"

My oh my, how the implosion has begun. What on Earth is going on with the Republican Party? They really have gotten away from the "Grand 'Ol Party" mantra now haven't they.

The Republican Party has been given a gift with the entrance of Tea Party nationwide. No matter how many Tea Parties are formed in one state or another, they all have the belief in the hatred for the Democratic Party. There might be the smallest of factions that might support a Democrat, but that is a rare breed. But still, they will side with the Republican Party as the lesser of two evils.

So the Tea Party candidate this midterm has taken 7 prominent seats away from the Republican choice or incumbent, yet even though the Tea Party candidate will bring in both Republican and Independent votes alike, the Republican Party cannot find it in their hearts to truly back that candidate. And even better the loser of the Republican Primary, be it Tea Party or Republican, has yet to endorse the winner. Bad blood is flowing.

This brings Big Poppa to the latest primary where Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell has beaten incumbent Mike Castle in Delaware. Ms. O'Donnell won by a mere 4,000 votes, but a victory is a victory. And even though the very next day, the state branch of Delaware Republican Party gave her a $42,000 donation, they can't say the words of endorsement.

Big Poppa is also wondering how much crediablity Karl Rove actually has in the GOP? Many have backed Rove's attack on Ms. O'Donnell's personal debt ranging from college to home bills to some of her past statements. Yet, this attack makes Rove and others look more elitist then the Liberals they war against.

Rove is still wondering how he was wrong in 2006 to which Democrats massively won and many still hold his ignorance in that election year against him.

Ms. O'Donnell is the Republican "wet dream" to win in Delaware, the home state of VP Joe Biden. She's got religion, she's been in a political scene fighting for abstinance since her early teen years, and she's proof at that there needs to be economical change and that current policies over the last 15 years need corrected. Maybe that's the issue, maybe she's too picturesque of the current times.

We've seen politicians in office who have some sort of personal issue, whether it be not claiming income from rental property (Rangel {D}), claiming awards not won (Mark Kirk {R}), or even extra marital affiars (too many to list)and even out of character statements. Yet many of these politicians were given a pass by their constituents and even their party at one time or another. Why not Ms. O'Donnell?

I don't care if Ms. O'Donnell was endorsed by Sara Palin. Palin's endorsement came one week before the primary and Palin's endorsement was half-assed to begin with. So now Palin is battling Rove, Opinionator is battling Opinionator, and all the Democrats need to do is sit back, point to the infighting, make their points, choose their words lightly and victory can be had in November. Why does that seem easier to say then believe that Democrats can stay on message?

One last note for Ms. O'Donnell, your campaign manager needs to capitalize on Rove's and others attack on her personal character. Honestly, this is a great example of how the Tea Party can rock the establishment, whether it be the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Now I am not defending nor endorsing Ms. O'Donnell in anyway, however, I am saying that her personal conflicts with outstanding personal debt and beliefs make her look even more of a "common" person amongst the political elite masses. A great reason as to why a Tea Party was formed, to hit the politicians and their political machines in the jaw and say "look who we are, have you forgotten about us?" If Ms. O'Donnell's campaign manager does not use this gift to her advantage, then I say fire him and Big Poppa will run her campaign for free.

Seriously, Ms. O'Donnell needs to be in the Media, not just FOX, but everyone who will let her voice be heard, let her speak her mind on the topics, let her express her financial hardships, as her hardships are what many Americans are experiencing right now. The attacks on her from the Republican Party only prove more how out of mainstream the Republican Party currently is.

So sayeth Big Poppa.... So sayeth the Pub!

Pass the peanuts

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