Friday, September 17, 2010

Stay the Celebrity Sarah

"make a hole, make it wide"

Quick, pour Big Poppa a double and pass the extra peanut bowl.

Here's a question: If, indeed, Sarah Palin does run for President in 2012, which Sarah Palin will run; Sarah the cliche Celebrity or Sarah the cliche Politician?

When she does decide, she really needs to decide which personality it shall be. The public has gotten used to Sarah the Celebrity since November 2008 and to run for President she needs to revert back to Sarah the Politician.

Currently, Sarah the Celebrity has been able to call all the shots in the Media. When she is engaged on the lecture circuit, she controls who is in attendance, how long people are allowed to record her statements, where she will speak, and which questions she will accept to answer ahead of time. This won't cut it for the political arena. If she keeps that regimen, she will look more elitist, will have more political attacks against her of being outside the mainstream. If she keeps the Media to minimum, she'll be able to rent the "Short Bus" for those reporters.

As every Monday, the weekend polls were released and it showed that President Obama was ahead of Sarah Palin if the two are to square off in 2012 Presidential campaign. Even in these bad times and his approval numbers hovering around 47%, President Obama had 43% of the poll compared to Palin's 31%, with a +/- of 3%. Does this prove that America just doesn't trust Sarah Palin?

Palin talks about how she ran Alaska as governor and even took on "twitter" fight with California's Gov Swarzenegger, talking about how fiscal Alaska government was. Here's the hidden fact, Alaska is #1 in receiving federal funds to operate. And when you compare the population between Alaska and California, Alaskans should be considered a "welfare" state. So for someone who talks about taking the federal government out of the state process, how would Alaska fare? Well they would be one of the poorest states in the nation.

Keeping herself to FOX News only, albeit it will be her choice, can be devastating. She needs to be seen more (I can't believe I said that) if she does indeed run. She needs to take the hard edge questions, no powderpuff softball questions will do. She'll have no excuses if she answers incorrectly this time around.

Also what will happen to her "endorsed" candidates of 2010? Will they follow her, win or lose this midterm, around the nation, kissing babies, gladhanding, etc.

There are only so many "you betcha" moments people will stomach during an election and around the World.

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