Monday, September 13, 2010

How I spent my 9/11 rememberance

It is rather disgusting that anyone would hold a political rally on a date like 9/11. A day to remember the tragedy that happened upon our country, yet in this day, age, and media coverage people find it easier to hold politic rallies on such a sacred day.

I was fortunate this year to spend time with my family, like 130,000 of my fellow Pittsburghers, and spend the day at the Pittsburgh Airshow. We walked among the many members of our Armed Services, watching some our finest military vehicles show their powerful display in the sky above. Being able to let my 4 year old son, see up close the military might that we have. That very military might that protects us and our freedoms. Handshakes and "thank yous" were said by many to all in uniform. There was no politics spoken on this day, at least not in Pittsburgh.

There were many, countrywide, holding some sort of observance in 9/11, whether it was a trip to Ground Zero or a bike ride to Shanksville, Pa or even a trip to Washington D.C. Most Americans gathered in spots to hear the names of those fallen or pay respects in one form or another. Many remember what they were doing on 9/11 some nine years ago. But I find it disgraceful that some people would hold a political rally on such a day.

What happened on 9/11 is an American tragedy, not a blame game on an administration of that day or prior, yet some feel that it must be done. I am not talking about Pastor Terry Jones, a man I believe is no man of the cloth yet just another Snake oil salesman stoking a fear of ignorance.

Why don't we hold a huge rally on Dec 7 as well? Seriously, many Americans, both military ans civilian died on that day as well. But we hold moments of remembrance of those who choose to protect our values. There are no demonstrations, no rallies, only respect and peace.

As 9/11 is this century's version of Dec.7, people are engaged differently in remembrance. People like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin hold a political rally on 9/11 in Wasilla, Alaska not in remembrance, but in fear. All I have read about their rally, makes me wonder "is there nothing people will not do for money and attention?"

Glenn Beck talks about how everyone felt on 9/12, the patriotism that fell upon us, everyone no matter their religious belief, no matter the color of their skin, everyone on 9/12 felt a larger commitment to their love of this country. And now, people want to capitalize on it.

Charging $65 to $225 a ticket to hear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin speak on this day is simply disgusting. Was there merchandise on sale as well? A booth to buy another Glenn Beck book? There was no coincidence that Beck/Palin held a rally on 9/11, if you believe so, then you are blind.

Having a alcohol and non-alcohol section at a 9/11 rally is disgusting. Why must there be alcohol at all? I don't see anyone doing such on Dec 7. I don't see people lined up at the USS Arizona Memorial Budweiser stand. Why? Because there isn't one. Don't people know how to pay homage to those who lost their lives without a beer in hand?

In excerpts from her 5 minute speech, Sarah Palin mentioned "that our government has become complacent since 9/11." Really? Complacent?

According to Sarah Palin, our government has become self satisfied with its actions after 9/11? How do you feel about feeling complacent, self satisfied with not completing the task of bringing Osama bin Laden to justice? How do you feel after 9 years in Afghanistan and many soldiers loves lost, knowing that al Qaeda and the Taliban are making a return to the region to which our brave soldiers removed them from? If our government was to "eager to please" in its complacency, then why didn't we bring home our soldiers after the Taliban government's fall?

9/11 should be a day to put all things political aside. We celebrate our Declaration of Independence on July 4 with fireworks and patriotism and we should celebrate 9/11 in memory of the many innocents that were lost and remember the heroics of those that day. But not with drink or fireworks, but with solence, faith and kindness.

Back in September 2005, Glenn Beck once said "it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 families." Close to a year later, Conservative author Ann Coulter attacked 9/11 widows saying "I've never seen people enjoy their husbands' deaths so much." Rather heartless by the two, yet neither has apologized for those statements.

Yet on 9/11/10, Glenn Beck and Sara Palin decided to hold a rally. They are blind to remembrance as they are ignorant that for one day they cannot be political in their actions and the love of attention. 9/12 was about being together as one nation, patriotism against a cowardliness foe that has disdain for us about our values and principles. Somehow, somewhere at sometime, that 912 feeling lost its soul after and has become just another corporate sponsored political rally.

Glenn Beck has become blind to himself and deaf to his own words when speaking of restoring "9 principles and 12 values" in America. Beck once talked of how America came together the after the 9/11 attacks. I guess a $32 million dollar empire will let you say whatever you want and feel you have no responsibility for its outcome.

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