Thursday, September 2, 2010

A smidgen of correctfulness

"Make a Hole Make it Wide"

Well Big Poppa's sitting in his usual spot at the end of the bar, listening to the multitude of conversations, man can people complain without even taking a moment to breathe. Conversations about Glenn Beck's "Revival" get together to Obama screwed everything to Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing with the Stars all got their notaration from many. Meanwhile, their frosty brews suffer the indiginity of not being drank. Have people no compassion for their brew?!

Ok, so "It's all Obama's fault for everything going downhill in this country!" is a statement I find hard to swallow. I can agree that his presidency has not been the best and all those talk "opinionators" admit that even McCain or Hillary would've not faired as well as Obama so far. But you'll never here that from those the regurgitate the venom of their favorite talk "opinionator."

Yes, we have a record debt at $13 Trillion according to and since 2007 it has risen by $4.16 Billion daily.

So now that President Obama has declared Iraq a success and gave some credit to President Bush, one needs to go back and look at the total cost of the War in Iraq. There's one problem with that, there really is no real accounting for the War in Iraq since, until 2007, that war cost was off the books. Then in 2007, the cost finally started to be added and our debt goes up. And of course, since Democrats were in charge they get the blame.

Remember this, VP Dick Cheney making his daily Sunday news rounds, boasting (somewhat like a used car salesman) that we would be greeted with rose petals thrown at our soldiers combat boots and the cost would be a mere $200-$300 billion dollars. WOW!, who gave him those projections, they were only off by a smidge of nearly $700 billion!

Meanwhile, 9 years later, in a mountainous bunker somewhere on the Pakistan border, Osama bin Laden sits, albeit not as powerful as he once was, but still not brought to justice as we at home argue over a Mosque that will sit 6 blocks from Ground Zero. (Note: there's already a mosque there and it's 4 blocks away)

It is also fact that under the Clinton Administration, our debt dropped and rose again at the beginning of the Bush term. Hm, I recall something about a Surplus under Clinton, what happened to it? Oh yes, Bush kept his campaign promise and gave everyone a STIMULUS Check between $150 to $300, depending on if you were single or married.

There are many, oncew again "opinionators" and those that regurgitate their words, who say that Clinton's Surplus was actually never there and was an accounting error. So my response to them is; So then President Bush had a whole lot of bad checks written out to Americans at our own expense." No one ever answers that when it's asked. Wonder why? Because they have no answer, they just want to say Clinton was a bad president.

Is it pure hatred to be against another political party here in the US? Or is it just the person in charge? I was not a fan of President Bush, but he was still my president in a country I love dearly. You don't have to chest thump for every move a president does, Teddy Roosevelt was hated by many in hos own party because he did what he felt was right, not because the Party told him to.

Do people really believe 100% of what their politcal party believes or, once again, is it pure hatred of the other political party? Seriously, if you beleive 100% with your party, then you are not listening. Neither party has 100% of the answers, neither party is 100% perfect either. Both want your votes, both want to be in power and both will use you and whatever grassroots Tea Party or Coffee Party you want to belong to until Election Day. Then after that, you become a phone number on a bathroom stall somewhere in middle Nebraska.

A great example is that people blame President Clinton for destroying our military but "laying off" soldiers. Yet it's proven that the idea to "downsize" our military came under President George H.W. Bush's term. And who was the genuis of that calamity, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. In Bush's final year, more soldiers were let go due to downsizing then in any under Clinton. Clinton can be blamed for poor military morale and extremely taking to long to decide, but he did help modernize our military further then his predecessor.

OK, well somehow my frosty cold brew has gone flat and I need to help the economy by ordering another.

Pass that bowl of stale peanuts, go light up and pay your political tab.

Big Poppa's out

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